The Boombox Hearts

The Boombox Hearts


We play 60ies pop / lo-fi / indie / country. Or we try to, if we don't, we're sorry.


Well, it's a short story, really. Mikkel and Ivan's old band broke up and one night in a drunken haze Mikkel tried to persuade Ivan to try being the front singer in a band. And since he was already doing some demo recordings with Steffen at the time, Ivan kinda reluctantly agreed. And on the spot hired Mikkel as the bass player and Steffen's old friend, Arne, as the drummer. And the rest is, well, basically history. They recorded some demos, rehearsed, recorded and rehearsed some more, changed the style a bit, played a concert and recorded a session at Copenhagen X-Sessions. And hired Kathrine as the hot keys-percussion-vocals-girl. So now, they're recording an EP for release sometime during Spring 2011. The style on that one being a mix of country, indie, 60ies pop, lo-fi and whatnot.


Nothing yet, but we're recording an EP to be released in February 2011.
Ivan and Mikkel previously released quite a number of singles on Crunchy Frog under the name of Oliver North Boy Choir (with radio airplay and songs in series such as Gossip Girl).