The Bosch

The Bosch

 Brooklyn, New York, USA

What you might get if The White Stripes, The Violent Femmes, and Phil Spector recorded the soundtrack to a Quentin Tarantino movie. Played on over 300 radio stations. Heralded in indie press. Licensed to VW, BK and MTV. Your new favorite rock band.


Greasy twang, driving rhythms, a sense of melody and brevity contribute to a sound that draws on influences from the entirety of rock and roll’s storied history. This is The Bosch, a New York City quartet who sounds something like what might happen “if Brian Wilson, Dick Dale, and Joey Ramone stayed up all night taking speed pills and Ritalin.”

With the release of the new EP, Hurry Up, the band plans to introduce more listeners to their high-tempo, high-volume melodic pop music. Matt Harrison (guitar/ vocals/spreadsheets) and Holt Richardson (drums/vocals/firearms) trace their musical collaborations back to high school days. Joined by Andrew Raff (saxophone/keyboards/contracts) and Valerie Sauve (bass/vocals/puppies), The Bosch sound like a raucous mix of The Clash, The Violent Femmes and Phil Spector with a side of Springsteen and a dash of Man... Or Astroman.

The band’s previous album, Buy One, Get One, enjoyed spins at hundreds of college radio stations, debuted at #21 on the FMQB Specialty FM Alternative Charts in December 2005, and was featured on XM Radio’s RADAR Report and Unsigned at The Bosch’s music has also been heard in independent films, the soundtrack of MTV reality programs, on video games and in national advertising campaigns for Volkswagen and Burger King.

After Hurry Up proves to have similar impact, The Bosch are confident that they will shortly be within striking distance of that ultimate rock star fantasy: the chance to hunt whales in a hovercraft.


The new EP, "Hurry Up" was released on November 2nd, 2007

Last album, "Buy One, Get One" is available at Full, glowing reviews available at

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Set List

Sets usually run 45 minutes; venues typically alot us only one set, but we've played parties with much longer sets too. Nearly all our live sets are composed of original material.