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The Bosswich

Fun!!!! From the moment they hit the stage, The Bosswich strives to have a good time!
This high-energy eight-piece group from Waterloo, Ontario implements catchy melodies and zany lyrics, driven by a ska/punk-influenced rhythm section. Sprinkle four (and sometimes five) horns, goofy gang-vocals and an infectious sense of humour into the mix and it’s easy to see why these old high school friends are able to continue engaging their audiences by playing at such a high level of energy (and fun)!
The Bosswich released their debut album, “Fun-2-3-4”*, in December 2009, and have been working hard to establish themselves as one of Canada’s most prominent ska-influenced acts. Listen to their album or come to see them live and you’ll agree; you’re having fun and they’re having a blast!
Listen to their Halloween-themed rocker, “Eat Me”, about zombies or their homage to the Green Goblin, “Pumpkin Bombs & Batarangs”! They even break into some ol’ styled Lighthouse/Chicago-style rock with “On and On”.
“Fun-2-3-4”* is currently being played on CJIQ (Kitchener), CJOS (Owen Sound), CFRC (Kingston), CFFF (Peterborough) and Radio Laurier (Waterloo).
The band is comprised of current students from Queen’s, Sanford Fleming, WLU, Sheridan schools and is planning a spring/summer tour throughout Ontario. The Bosswich are: Fletcher Planert, Nathan Leung, JD VanDonk, Nathan Shinkar, Chris Casher, Graeme McMath, Matt Honsberger and Cody Eckensviller.

The Bosswich is coming to your city! Prepare for FUN!
*“Fun-2-3-4” is available on iTunes and Amazon on-line music stores


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Fun 2-3-4 (SOCAN 2009)