Nyack, New York, USA

The Bossy Frog Band is award-winning children's music featuring banjos, a hula hooping fiddler and a costume character frog. Kids and parents flip for this high energy, funny and funky show. Guaranteed to get everyone dancing and singing along. For more info go to:


THE BOSSY FROG BAND performs over 250 shows per year for children and families. Their shows feature banjo, guitar, hula hooping fiddler, costume character huge green Bossy Frog and more. Their show engages children from start to finish with fun, funny and totally interactive music.

Led by certified music therapist, Jeffrey Friedberg MA, MT-BC, THE BOSSY FROG BAND is high quality entertainment that has a positive message for young audiences. Your audiences will thank you for booking THE BOSSY FROG BAND.


The Bossy Frog (Best Music for Young Children)
Snortin' Norton's Car Trip (honorable mention Best Song for Young Children)
Party (Best Music for Young Children)
Rocketship to the Sleepy Place
Crabby's Beach Party
Nature Sing Along

THE BOSSY FROG BAND has been featured on Sirius Satellite Radio and can be heard at

Set List

THE BOSSY FROG BAND usually performs 60 minute sets of original and traditional songs. Here is a sample set list:
1. Crabby
2.Music Train
3.Shout Hello
4. 5 Little Monkeys
5. Walking Down the Street
6. Coqui
7. Ain't No Bugs on Me
8. The Bossy Frog
9. The Bear Hunt
10. Owl Song
11. Beach Party Band
12. Freeze Dance
13. I've Been Workin' on the Railroad
14. Hula Song
15. Dancing at the Party
16. Shout Goodbye