The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

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Opinionated hip-hop drawing from the experiences of rapper Nate Palin's life as a suburban youth, Army Ranger, and married college student paying his own way. Sometimes funny, often serious... always real.


Tired of the typical commercial mold being abused ad nauseam by today's radio rappers, BottomLine, aka Nate Palin emotionally lays his own life on the tracks he raps on. Not from the ghetto and not trying to be, Nate provides the "bottom line" on his past and present views of the world from the perspective of a suburban upbringing and a wild four year enlistment as an Army Ranger (where he started rapping). His recollections and opinions are cleverly wrapped in an honest package of intricate wordplay and delivered with soulfully raw vocals.



Written By: Nate Palin

Celebrity reality a fallacy follow me
In the gallery of Hollywood
And hollow mentality
Make a salary earned in turn
Burn a single calorie
You're losing your head you're dead
No more immortality
Morality lossed costs the loss of life
Verbal nip and tuck
Again you're under the knife
Like the night that Mike Jacks
Put his black on strike
Struck a used match
Hey I do what I like
What I like is to write rhymes
Release at the right time
Could be a millionaire
If I relied on a life line
I might shine like Kanye's necklace
With hypocrit wit that he ingests for breakfast
His lucky charm is magically delicious
Sierra Leone is being owned by his riches
How could he miss this?
Dimissed for business
I'm serious - is he that delirious?
I'm fearing this costs me
When his posse hears this
I don't mean to be bossy
But the world as my witness
I hit this hitlist like Shamrock's fist spit
If his click gets pissed I'll be on the shitlist
Dirty like the south, my mouth it shits grits
Dixie Chicks bitch, babbling pacifist
Traveling Soldier was the act of an activist?
I'm after this cowardice
Till the spittle enlists
Belittling dis that I piss on red carpet
Jenny from the block doesn't shop at Target
For her wristwatch with big rocks and no clock
Honestly I'll stop when opportunity knocks
I'll be answering the door
with a Coors and a Glock
Fully cocked, locked, loaded,
But stowed in my jock
It's not a Smith and Wesson
or a weapon in stock
I'm popping off at the jaws
So give applause for my shot

Celebrity reality is fake as Hell
and I pray to one day live fake as well

Hostile hospital and I'm losing my patients
Frustrated under rated under radar in cadence
Nate is making the statements
Engaing shaming the famous
On the stage on the page
Taking aim I'm shameless
Blaming Barry Bonds because his bombs are bogus
We know he cheated beat it
When he pleaded to congress
Illegitimate hits kiss like collagen lips
If they're walking how they're talking
Then I'll honor their wish
Leave them at home to be alone with their kids
The paparazzi Nazi's raid your right to live
Live to click a quick pic or a flick of an act
Sell it to the highest bidder
Hope the crowd will react
In fact I feel bad about the battling press
But see man the semen was all over her dress
Yet you didn't confess until the DNA tests
Truth be said in jest I guess I wasn't impressed
At best the president could put his penis
Into the mouth
Of much better looking women
Than a pig in a blouse
I never figured it out
You had a kid and a spouse
Election, erection, connection - White House
Ride your white horse
Write your book and of course
Go on tour to make sure
That she doesn't divorce
Staying the course of course faking remorse
So long as Hilary is senator
You're getting endorsed
To reinforce my views
I'll give Madonna a bruise
Like a Virgin Like a Surgeon
Either version will do
Conversion from perversion
Like a virgin to Jew
Who knew that Hebrew held a different view?
Of a sexual symbols story
After the fame and glory
Acting ashamed although
Your actions are gory
Whoring sins since the day
You killed American Pie
Heroine for terror on a heroine high

Celebrity reality is fake as hell
I pray to one day live fake as well

My God

Written By: Nate Palin

My God

Is the BottomLine godless lord knows I’m not spineless
I grind this pen to the paper trying to solve the caper of who God gives
Everlasting life? Come on I’ll be content if I can make it through tonight
If I fall from grace without a parachute of faith
can I save face with God or am I sealed in my fate
just like I’m sealed in my casket no breath left to ask it
never said “our fathers” so I’m a fatherless bastard
“Hale Mary” cuz she’s the mother of my sister and my brother
And myself I’ll drink the wine in a toast to my health
But not a drop is divine til God himself drops a line
Because a profit is what you make when a prophet recites a rhyme
In a biblical fashion like Christ I got the passion
Black book and a salesman could start a chain reaction
Spiritual transaction- my account is about to bust
There’s a reason why our money says “In God We Trust”


New Album - "Real to Reel- A Cinema Life" Coming Summer 2008!

Set List

Come Back Down
My God
Hard Times
Lime Light
Guns Up
Throw Back
Weapon of Choice
Sunday School
Aint No Grave
NY Minute
Identity Crisis
Get By (cover)
Set Length: Up to an Hour