The Boulevard Nights

The Boulevard Nights

 Houston, Texas, USA

A band of four guys creating catchy hooks, rhythms and beats. After being together for only 6 months, they are currently working on an EP at Sugarhill Recording Studios which you will be sure to bob your head, dance, and sing to.


Because we are four very different individuals from different walks of life, we would need four very different Bio boxes. However, this is a story of a band, and because we all are thankful for the ability to create music, it was only natural we met and desired to form a band. Like many other bands, we hope to attract the ears of the public, the gratitude of being appreciated, similar to a dolled up young woman on her way past a construction site. Holding on to what are mothers have told us and the thought that everyone is a star. However, life has given it to us straight, and we are okay with that. In fact, we've welcomed it with open arms and a few grunts here and there. In turn, we've opened ourselves also up to one another (two of us have grown up together and two of us have met through a wonderful site called craigslist). We shared with each other our appreciation of artists such as, The Beatles, Queens of the Stoneage, Portugal The Man, Nina Simone, James Brown, and the list goes on. And very naturally we believe it shows in our music.
We are gearing up for the ride, ready to toot our horns and we hope you will toot yours too (not like that you perverts)
We hope to see you all very soon!!!!


Our first EP is in the works at Sugarhill Recording Studio.........Thank you

Set List

1.Jame's Town
3.Good Hope
5.Lonely Man
6. Mixers & Matchers
7.Gold & Love