the bouncing souls

the bouncing souls


The Bouncing Souls have been playing punk rock for so long they are an institution! Unlike most institutions, however, the still kick ass!!


The main thing that sets us apart from other bands is our LONGEVITY. The Souls have been together and making records and touring CONTINUOUSLY since their inception in 1987. Influences are so varied and ever-changing that it would be a silly well, i bet you could find us on the lists of many others!!!!


good lord, i hope you re-filled the ink on your printer!!!

we have refused coverage on MTV for 15 years (can you say monopoly??) so only recently have w joined the airwaves with Fuse and Much Music as well as other indy channels...where all of our videos see the airwaves.

1990 Ugly Bill 7" (Complex Records)(out of print)
1991 The Green Ball Crew e.p. (Chunksaah) (out of print)
1993 The Argyle e.p. 7" (Chunksaah)
1993 Neurotic 7" (Chunksaah)
1994 The Good, The Bd, and The Argyle (Chunksaah)
1995 The Ballad of Johnny X 7" (BYO)
1996 Maniacal Laughter (Chunksaah)
1997 s/t (Epitaph)
1998 Tie One On Live (Epitaph)
1999 Hopeless Romantic (Epitaph)
2000 The Bad, the Worse, and the Out-of-Print (Chunksaah)
2001 How I Spent My Summer Vacation (Epitaph)
2002 Split Series e.p. (BYO)
2003 Do You Remember? (dvd) (Chunksaah)
2003 Anchors Aweigh (Epitaph)

compilations too many to list!!!!!!

plus we have 8 music videos!!!

Set List

We try to cater our set lists to the show (a 30-minute warped tour set would vary dramatically from a 90-minute headlining set). We recently filmed a live show for the Kung Fu series "The Show Must Go OFF!" and the list was:

Apt. 5F
The Ballad of Johnny X
That Song
Kids and Heroes
The Something Special
Punks in Vegas
I Like Your Mom
Private Radio
Born To Lose (cover)
No Rules
East Coast! Fuck You!
Highway Kings
Lamar Vannoy
Anchors Aweigh
Say Anything
Kate Is Great
Hopeless Romantic
Night On Earth
Sing Along Forever
True Believers