...individuals living separate lives, coming from different backgrounds that are being held together by the common love for painting aural soundscapes on silence...


Cesco Emmanuel, a guitarist from Trinidad who now resides in Toronto; Ted Diaz a bassist from the Philippines who moved to Mississauga; Keith White, a heavy-hitting drummer from Oshawa; Charles Mikiver, a jazz-influenced saxophone player and Francine St. Pierre, a beautifully haunting alto vocalist from Mississauga crossed paths, created music, and became bound. In establishing the foundation for a starting point and defining what bound is or would be, the common denominator is the desire to create something innovative that would reflect the various influences of the musicians involved that is different from the current norm of mainstream music. Experiences gained and lessons learned from being part of several other bands and other situations revolving around music, as well as the love and open-mindedness to several musical genres shape the sound of the band. Heavy, groove-oriented rock that has an early 90's flavor being the base, adding on elements of jazz and music from different parts of the world, different changes in time, tempo, and mood with a melodic voice are some of the key ingredients of the band's music.


coming soon.

Set List

30 mins - 1 hour set of original music...