The Bowmans

The Bowmans

 New York City, New York, USA

With harmonies that seem to come from one astonishing voice, The Bowmans share a rare, near telepathic musical bond. The touring twins are a Manhattan based “roller coaster” duo, ranging from poignantly captivating to serendipitously joyful. Their music is concurrently sophisticated and imaginative, blending together the preserved vulnerability and abandoned glee of their Iowa childhood. The Bowmans deeply move and delight their audience world wide with uncanny, evocative, and unforgettable perf


Singer Songwriter Twin Sister Duo with Classical influences and enchanting harmonies.

The DIY singer songwriter duo, twin sisters Sarah and Claire Bowman, has been touring virtually nonstop over the past 6 years in the States and Europe. They are known as the female Simon and Garfunkle, dazzling and surprising audiences with powerful performances of Sarah's strong songwriting and the twins intensely unique vocal arrangements.

Career highlights: Spring 2011 The Bowmans tour Europe. Winter 2010, The Bowmans release the highly anticipated album: Live at Powerplay Studios, recorded in Maur, Switzerland with a glowing review in American Songwriter Magazine. Two previous full length albums, including The Bowmans, self titled, with Grammy-Winning Producer Malcolm Burn, mastered by Greg Calbi, 2009, and Far From Home, with Mother West Records, 2007. Spring EU tour in April and May 2010. May 2010 guest artist with Jim Lauderdale, Darrell Scott and others on the Tennessee Shines Live at the Bijou, WDVX in Knoxville TN. Appearance on BBC Radio2 with Bob Harris shortly after recording the album. Four successful EU and UK tours, two coast to coast US tours, countless regional US tours in the NE and SE since 2005. Winners of the Paste Magazine competition to perform on the 2008 Sixthman Entertainment Cayamo cruise with Emmylou Harris, Lyle Lovett and an all star line up. The Bowmans received this honor thanks to Paste Magazine and the overwhelming support of Bowmans fans. We are featured on international radio in Spain, Switzerland, England and other European countries. We recently appeared on Music Fog at the FAI conference in Memphis, 2/2010.

The heavily DIY Indie-Americana songwriter duo, twin sisters Sarah and Claire Bowman, has been touring virtually nonstop for the past two years, having been on the road for four years since relocating to Brooklyn. The Bowmans played over 250 shows in 2008, touring Europe and the U.S. constantly. The sisters' career is blowing up in Europe, where they are headlining shows to sizable audiences across the continent. .

The Bowmans tours have included two, five-week residencies at Los Angeles' Hotel Cafe in 2008, a feature live show at Hollywood's landmark record store, Amoeba Music, two tours supporting the renowned Rasputina, feature support spots for Fran Healy of Travis at NYC's reputed nonprofit, Housing Works, Greg Brown at NY's (The Fillmore at) Irving Plaza, and The Avett Brothers at the Cannery Ballroom in Nashville, TN.

Festival appearances on land include four times at New York's CMJ, Twice at the Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion in TN, The Chattanooga River Bend Festival, Two times at the Folk Alliance in Memphis, Charlotte, NC's Femme Fest and twice at the Tosco Music Party, and the Midwest Music Summit.

Sarah and Claire both received maximum ASCAP live performance awards in 2008.

The Bowmans have appeared live in studio on Los Angeles' Indie 103.1 twice, KPIG, CA twice, WAMC in Albany, KUNI in Iowa, WDVX numerous times in Knoxville, TN, WNCW in NC, WFMU in Jersey City, NJ and many other regional and college stations throughout the U.S.

Currently, their music is aired on national radio in the United Kingdom and Portugal, plus regional radio in Spain, Holland and the U.S., including an early inclusion of their music on NPR's "All Songs Considered." Their music has been circulating for over a year in over 10,000 U.S. and European Starbucks stores, and their songs have been placed in television and film.

The new, self-titled release intimately captures The Bowmans in moving, live-like performances of Sarah Bowman's original songs with delicate instrumental enforcements. Malcolm Burn maintains their integrity while adding his brilliant brushstrokes to complete the picture, blending together Sarah and Claire's vocal and instrumental performances with his own and those of two other guest performers.

Sweeping across a full range of passions, the cohesive debut album "Far from Home" (Mother West), includes shattering acoustic harmony-rich ballads to heartening rock songs infused with early classical to blues influences. The duo's sound has been compared to Simon and Garfunkle, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and Joni Mitchell, to name a few, but they are impossible to pigeonhole.

You can see tour updates at,, and footage from live shows on Sarah Bowman's new YouTube Channel.


The Kitchen Song (lyrics and exegesis)

Written By: Sarah Bowman

The kitchen song was actually written in the living room... of an apartment in the east village that sadly, is no longer my home.

So many things in my life have changed since I wrote that song... but now — a year later; the sentiment in the story hasn’t changed... at all. When am I going to become a "grown -up" who can venture out into the world of possible intimacy without fear? When will I stop dwelling on the probability that people who are at times very close will inevitably experience a period of distrust and strive to ruin what they have built in order to regain a sense of freedom?

What was that Onion article, “Man Calls off Search for Self after 38 Years.” …And there's the picture of him on the couch, laying in self absorption appearing as if he has experienced nothing during this quest but life in his head. I hope I don't bring people to THAT place when they hear me tell the story of this time of love in New York.

So the song is delivered from the perspective of a very vulnerable, very skeptical and confused but passionate and loving person (who, me?) who would rather seek to understand how I can and won't fit into things as they are, rather than accept them and live according to rules and advice. I can't help it, I'm from the Midwest. It's not natural for me expect to watch people come and go with no intention of exploration. More than anyone I know, I carry around the common fears of attachment and abandonment... but I'd rather go through this.

The structure of the song is pretty standard, with the exception of the brief pseudo polyphonic segment which is how my father's Gregorian chanting, or my old days with the Baltimore Symphony chorus still creep into my not so folk folk music.

The Kitchen Song

We're spending too much time
in the Kitchen.

You always said you would die this way.

I caught hold of your hand today.
I thought you were gonna cry,
you were terrified.

We're spending too much time
in our heads these days.
I always thought
I could hide this way.

There's no room
for love
in this city.

Seek safety in arms.
Embracing but armed
To the teeth.

For fear of what can be read
on our faces.
On my face.

And after all this time
we're estranged somehow
Living in fear
All strings and gates

Holding a flame causes pain
it's insane
to try to live
this way

Poker your face
wear strong sturdy brace
and you'll be

You didn't notice me
peeking over your wall today
I covered my tracks
put it all back in place

but I saw
the look on your face
on your face

On your face.

We're spending too much time
in the kitchen.
You always said
you would die this way.


Written By: Sarah Bowman

Tonight is all we know right now
But we can't be satisfied
You touch me once
And I start searching
The looks between the lines

We want to make connections
Between mind and self and thought

I can follow lines and phrases
But I can't connect the dots

You talk about Forever
As if it's a thing
You insist on always
But you don't know what it means

Give me all of your wisdom
And I'll never learn of truth
Tell me one thing that you question
And then I might believe you.

You can challenge but never solve
The Riddle of possibility
Nothing is for certain
And the heart can be misleading

Only when we're humbled
Do we ever talk like this
Defeated by the day behind us
When we're ready for what's next.

You talk about forever
As if you can see it
You insist on Always
But you don't believe in it.

We have but one answer
Despite all that we seek
That we'll die someday later
But right now we're living.

Tonight is all we know right now
But we can't be satisfied.
I want so much to understand
The force behind the changing tides.
We tried to make connections.
We made links
But we got lost.
What will happen
When we leave this table?
Will our lives simply go on?

Twenty Days (The Slumber)

Written By: Sarah Bowman

Twenty Days (The Slumber)

This kind of rain pulls years from the pavement
This is the street that you use to get home
You can’t force the image of my face while you’re away
I think it’s better to fade, knowing I’m never really home
I’ll make sure to write your number down
I’m without a phone, but you’re always on the radio
I will try to remember you through the books I read I know that you’ve read too
It there’s no other way to talk to you

This is the place where we talked about parting
The change in your face marked the actual end
We looked across the river and watched the clouds shed all their shapes
The city was sagging in a posture of disgrace
I know we didn’t win this one with twenty miles left and no more sun
I wish the road would forgive us

This is the place we agreed to meet again
I’ve returned in the rain and allowed myself to get drenched
I look back to the light on in my window
I ache as I come to realize- you prefer the slumber
Just twenty days. Twenty days. I wish it would rain forever.
I know that I will lose it when you sign your name and send me the pen
because there’s nowhere to go by then


Live at Powerplay Studios, 2010, LP, Powerplay Studios
The Bowmans, 2009, LP, Malcolm Burn, Greg Calbi
Far From Home, 2007, LP, Mother West Records

Set List

Sets are all-original. Sets include songs from their 3 full length albums.

An example: Diggin' For Gold, The Slumber (20 Days), Southern Sky, Nothing Yet, Forever, Short Term Girl, The Kitchen Song, Night Noise, You're Right, Make it Last, The Williamsburg Bridge, Car and Flight Plans, The Porker Song, Trouble, On The Road, Better Off A Rambler, If It Helps, Stranger in a Passing Car, Fly By Night,

SETS USUALLY 45 - 90 MINUTES, or two sets of 45 minutes with a 15 minute break between. Can be shortened or extended to three hours.