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The Bowmans

New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band Folk Singer/Songwriter


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"BBC Radio 2's Bob Harris raves about the Bowmans"

The Bowmans visited Bob Harris in his London BBC Radio studio for an hour-long performance/interview with Bob in January, 2009 during their UK tour. On his program, Bob told listeners he'd been wanting to get The Bowmans in his studio for a long time since hearing their first album, Far from Home. Bob asked the Bowmans about recording their upcoming release with Malcolm Burn, their experiences in New York and about growing up together as a musical duo.

This recorded session aired on May 16, 2009 and can be heard in the archives at - Bob Harris

"Diggin' for Gold featured on NPR!"

NPR has selected The Bowmans' song, Diggin' For Gold off of their soon to be released new album, Far From Home.

March 27, 2006 - All Songs Considered to feature a song by The Bowmans!

"Two CDs show good music is still out there"

October 6, 2006, by David Malachowski
3 out of 3 stars for "Far From Home" - The Daily Freeman, Woodstock, NY

"Showcase Journal"

In short, The Bowmans are the best vocal duet to grace the Jezebel Music Songwriter Showcase. Sarah Bowman's lyrics are deceptively mysterious in that the listener catches one level of the meaning to later find the dark twist of the story. Their beautiful harmonies can be heard by listening to the "The Kitchen Song", the Song of the Week. -, New York, NY

""Far From Home" reviewed by Robert Pally"

The Bowmans are mainly the sisters Sarah and Claire Bowman. On "Far from home" they court Folk music. But it's got nothing to do with the eccentric Anti-Folk (or however you wanna call it) of Devendra Banhart, Joanna Newsom or Josephine Foster. Their laid-back songs are accessible on first listen and keep resonating pleasantly. The Bowmans draw from artists like Joni Mitchell, Nanci Griffith, Thea Gilmore (her acoustic side) and sometimes even Neil Young. Just listen to their "You're right" on "Far from home" in that concern. The twelve songs on "Far from home" go from opulent arrangements (ie "Digging for gold" or "Forever") to reduced to the minimum (ie "Pick one piece" or the title track). The Bowmans are convincing on both ends. Worth a special mention are also the fine vocal harmonies of the two sisters. - Swiss Records

"Americana UK Review of Far From Home"

The harmonies are indeed stunning, especially during unaccompanied moments in songs such as "Make It Last"?. Classical influences show on "The Kitchen Song"?, where the choral purity of their voices lends a hymn like quality to the song. Generally speaking, the twins play a folky americana, but with more straightforward singer-songwriter and classical influences, and Sarah cites Gillian Welch, Hank Williams, Allison Krauss and Cat Power among her inspirations. You can see the influence of Gillian Welch in "Forever", but opener "On The Road"? has a jazzier feel and "You're Right"? is more in the realm of straightforward rock. Throughout the songs are lifted and shaped by the twins' impeccable harmonies, which are always delicate, especially on the beautiful melancholia of "Williamsburg Bridge"?, but never saccharine and on a song like "Pick One Piece"? can sound slightly eerie. The strength of the material and those amazing voices, which blend so seamlessly it's hard to tell where one starts and the other begins, has ensured The Bowmans have a growing following on the New York folk scene. - J. Alder January 2007

"Gorilla Vs. Bear Review"

Chris Cantalini

"The Twins...have the uncanny chemistry that only comes from making music together since birth. I'm a total sucker for Eisley-esque harmonies, the kind where you can't tell where one voice ends and the other begins, and The Bowmans have the gift. "

February, 2006

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"NYC Artists on the Rise: The Bowmans"

NYC Artists on the Rise: The Bowmans

We imagine that when Sarah and Claire Bowman dream about a place on a hill "where we can be little girls and swing on the tire swing and sing", they must really be dreaming about their past. As childhood music makers, Sarah and Claire developed a knack for songwriting that still hasn't managed to lose its sense of imagination. As twin sisters, The Bowmans developed a musical camaraderie that is absolutely uncanny. Now they’ve traded in their tire swings for the Sidewalk Café, the hill for the Williamsburg Bridge, and the New York music scene is all the better for it. At a time when every twee boy with a harmonica is rediscovering his Americana roots, and in a city where indie rockers idolize Donovan with more fervor than the Dylan folk-purists of our parents’ generation could muster to scorn him, it’s an exercise in humility to sit down and listen to an album where the banjo plucking isn’t just for effect, it’s for real. Then see if you really are a fan of indie folk music, or just amused by the novelty of a little fiddling. Either way, you’ll find it hard to dislike this album. The Bowmans may be "Far from Home", but if their music can stay this sweet in a city this tough, or this authentic in a world so quick to adapt and discard the latest fad, they’ll never have left that Iowa hill behind. - Christin Roman - The Deli Magazine

"Performing Songwriter DIY Top 12 Picks"

The close-knit harmonies that mark the Bowmans’ debut comes as no surprise, considering they’re twin sisters sharing a genuine folk finesse. Often introspective, the music maintains a steady lilt, unencumbered by over-embellishment. Other than a subtle hint of brass, banjo and occasional violin, acoustic guitars dominate the arrangements, giving the album a laidback feel in both its ambiance and execution.

While the Bowmans’ ballads aim to embrace tradition, the music resonates with a distinctive personality all its own. On songs such as “Make It Last,” “Digging for Gold” and “World With No Boundaries,” their gentle demeanor finds them wistful and whimsical. It’s a sound that brings the Roches to mind … but only when those Roche siblings reveal their more sobering side. - Mare Wakefield

"LA Weekly Pick of the Week"

There's something unique about the way harmonies sound when they're sung by talented sisters who've been performing together for their whole lives, and the Brooklyn duo the Bowmans reveal an enchanting blend of voices on their new CD, Far From Home (Mother West). Sarah Bowman, who plays cello with Rasputina, writes most of the songs, although her sister Claire penned the disarmingly childlike album-closer, "Porker Song," a don't-eat-me plea sung from the point of view of a pig who doesn't want to be "your bacon in the morning." The mood is more somber on the placid ballad "Williamsburg Bridge," where Sarah contrasts their Iowa upbringing with life in New York City, before the sisters kick up their heels on the countrified lament "World With No Boundaries." Clearly there are no boundaries that keep the Bowmans fenced in as they find themselves "On the Road," a pastoral slice of Jesse Sykes-style rustic pop where they discover (but don't care) that "the road may take a toll on you."



Live at Powerplay Studios, 2010, LP, Powerplay Studios
The Bowmans, 2009, LP, Malcolm Burn, Greg Calbi
Far From Home, 2007, LP, Mother West Records



Singer Songwriter Twin Sister Duo with Classical influences and enchanting harmonies.

The DIY singer songwriter duo, twin sisters Sarah and Claire Bowman, has been touring virtually nonstop over the past 6 years in the States and Europe. They are known as the female Simon and Garfunkle, dazzling and surprising audiences with powerful performances of Sarah's strong songwriting and the twins intensely unique vocal arrangements.

Career highlights: Spring 2011 The Bowmans tour Europe. Winter 2010, The Bowmans release the highly anticipated album: Live at Powerplay Studios, recorded in Maur, Switzerland with a glowing review in American Songwriter Magazine. Two previous full length albums, including The Bowmans, self titled, with Grammy-Winning Producer Malcolm Burn, mastered by Greg Calbi, 2009, and Far From Home, with Mother West Records, 2007. Spring EU tour in April and May 2010. May 2010 guest artist with Jim Lauderdale, Darrell Scott and others on the Tennessee Shines Live at the Bijou, WDVX in Knoxville TN. Appearance on BBC Radio2 with Bob Harris shortly after recording the album. Four successful EU and UK tours, two coast to coast US tours, countless regional US tours in the NE and SE since 2005. Winners of the Paste Magazine competition to perform on the 2008 Sixthman Entertainment Cayamo cruise with Emmylou Harris, Lyle Lovett and an all star line up. The Bowmans received this honor thanks to Paste Magazine and the overwhelming support of Bowmans fans. We are featured on international radio in Spain, Switzerland, England and other European countries. We recently appeared on Music Fog at the FAI conference in Memphis, 2/2010.

The heavily DIY Indie-Americana songwriter duo, twin sisters Sarah and Claire Bowman, has been touring virtually nonstop for the past two years, having been on the road for four years since relocating to Brooklyn. The Bowmans played over 250 shows in 2008, touring Europe and the U.S. constantly. The sisters' career is blowing up in Europe, where they are headlining shows to sizable audiences across the continent. .

The Bowmans tours have included two, five-week residencies at Los Angeles' Hotel Cafe in 2008, a feature live show at Hollywood's landmark record store, Amoeba Music, two tours supporting the renowned Rasputina, feature support spots for Fran Healy of Travis at NYC's reputed nonprofit, Housing Works, Greg Brown at NY's (The Fillmore at) Irving Plaza, and The Avett Brothers at the Cannery Ballroom in Nashville, TN.

Festival appearances on land include four times at New York's CMJ, Twice at the Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion in TN, The Chattanooga River Bend Festival, Two times at the Folk Alliance in Memphis, Charlotte, NC's Femme Fest and twice at the Tosco Music Party, and the Midwest Music Summit.

Sarah and Claire both received maximum ASCAP live performance awards in 2008.

The Bowmans have appeared live in studio on Los Angeles' Indie 103.1 twice, KPIG, CA twice, WAMC in Albany, KUNI in Iowa, WDVX numerous times in Knoxville, TN, WNCW in NC, WFMU in Jersey City, NJ and many other regional and college stations throughout the U.S.

Currently, their music is aired on national radio in the United Kingdom and Portugal, plus regional radio in Spain, Holland and the U.S., including an early inclusion of their music on NPR's "All Songs Considered." Their music has been circulating for over a year in over 10,000 U.S. and European Starbucks stores, and their songs have been placed in television and film.

The new, self-titled release intimately captures The Bowmans in moving, live-like performances of Sarah Bowman's original songs with delicate instrumental enforcements. Malcolm Burn maintains their integrity while adding his brilliant brushstrokes to complete the picture, blending together Sarah and Claire's vocal and instrumental performances with his own and those of two other guest performers.

Sweeping across a full range of passions, the cohesive debut album "Far from Home" (Mother West), includes shattering acoustic harmony-rich ballads to heartening rock songs infused with early classical to blues influences. The duo's sound has been compared to Simon and Garfunkle, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and Joni Mitchell, to name a few, but they are impossible to pigeonhole.

You can see tour updates at,, and footage from live shows on Sarah Bowman's new YouTube Channel.