The Boy from ET

The Boy from ET


The Boy From ET is a musical docudrama in which Henry A. Svec plays Henry Thomas, the actor who played Eliot in Spielberg's masterwork but who now writes music. His latest release, Lives the Part, is a faux-live recording taken down by Andy Magoffin (Constantines, Hidden Cameras).


From the mind and voice behind Peter Mansbridge and the CBCs comes a musical docudrama virtually without precedent. In The Boy from ET’s _Lives the Part_, Henry A. Svec takes on the role of Henry Thomas, the actor who has appeared in such films as ET, Cloak and Dagger, Legends of the Fall, and Gangs of New York. Not widely known is the fact that Henry Thomas is Canadian (from Tillsonburg, Ontario), that Stompin’ Tom is his uncle, that he is a committed Québécois Separatist, that he wrote many of Broken Social Scene’s songs, and that he has co-written poetry with French actor Gerard Depardieu. Listen to Henry tell these and other true stories as he plays the songs that record in detail an impossibly fascinating life.

Fact: in early 2007, Henry (S) received national media attention when Henry (T) threatened to sue him.

Henry Svec grew up on a cherry farm in Blenheim, ON. He studied English literature at Mount Allison University in Sackville NB, where he first went to play varsity football, but where he eventually became heavily involved in theatre and music. In 2004 he formed the band Peter Mansbridge and the CBCs, who toured the country in 2006 and whose first record, "Love in the Country Songs," was warmly received by Canadian critics. Henry has shared stages with Final Fantasy, Bill Bisset, Lederhosen Lucil, Julie Doiron, Geoff Berner, and Al Tuck. He is currently completing an MA in media, music, and popular culture. The Boy from ET blends his interests in performance art, comedy, folk rock, and pop. _Lives the Part_ came in at #11 on the national folk/roots/blues earshot charts for February!


Lives the Part. (The Boy from ET). 2008, independent.

Love in the Country Songs. (Peter Mansbridge and the CBCs). 2006, independent.

Set List

A Sam Shepard Play
In Quebec (Fuck you, Gerard Depardieu)
Working with Scorcese
Our Flags Only Had Two Colours
Daniel (Day?) and the "Magic If"
Christmas Singalongs
Stanislavskian/Fleetwood Mackian Emotion Memory
A Stompin' Tom Cover
Mediocre Art-Making on Government Coin
Tillsonburg (HT's Version)
On Writing Broken Social Scene's Entire Ouvre
ET is a touching Film
Friends Just Leave