The Boys of Summer

The Boys of Summer

 Detroit, Michigan, USA

The Boys of Summer are an Alternative/Rock band out of Detroit, MI. With pop infused melodies, aggressive vocals and four musicians showcasing on every song what's next for rock music. This band is it.


For The Boys of Summer being musicians has never been an option. There has never been anything else. “We were born for this”, says bassist Mark Warren. Showcasing their talents to the world just less that a year ago, ‘The Boys of Summer’ have been on a mission of growing their band artistically, musically and growing their fan base in the most organic way possible. Having released their debut full length “What Its All About” June 15th, 2010 to critical acclaim, said “If forced to guess, I’d say the dual vocals of Jon-Paul Bakaric and Scab combine to make this album unforgettable. The volley from scratchy to clean, from rock to radio-pop, elevates otherwise “normal” songs like “Is She Fiction” and “This Is It” to Best-Songs-of-2010 status.” recorded and produced by the bands very own “Jon-Paul Bakaric” at their own Night Light Studios in Rochester Hills, MI. The Boys of Summer aren’t showing any signs of slowing down. “We plan on releasing a few new songs in the fall and finishing up a new record by the end of the year” says Guitarist/Vocalist Jon-Paul Bakaric. “We have such a golden opportunity to keep writing new songs and release them the next day, we want to take advantage of that luxury while we can” says Guitarist/Vocalist Scab. Despite the plethora of bands out there, The Boys of Summer standout as a band with substance and artistic integrity. A band that is much more worried about making amazing music while keeping true to who they are. Be on the lookout for one of music’s best-kept secrets.

The Boys of Summer


Thing In Twos

Written By: Jon-Paul Bakaric

Things In Twos

I got these words in my head, but I can never speak them
Im on my way downtown with at least two drinks in hand
Stone cold love is for the weak baby, but your love is the only thing that i see
Turn the place upside down just to find the right shoes
I only have one pair, but its just something to do
Stone cold love is for the weak baby, but your love is the only thing that i see

My pride is running dry and you are not by my side
My bands not blowing up but I dont wanna give up
Sing it loud, sing it proud, sing it till i cant count
1234 ill be knocking at your door

She loves to call me out on things that I donít do to well
I love the smell of dirty laundry as you throw me out of your hotel
1234 ill be knocking at your door

Things in two's dont go well, cause I cant play show and tell
But I will die in this van until someone gives a damn
stone cold love is for the weak baby, but your love is the only thing that i see

Iíve got a pocket full of nothing, my bro's my only breath check
And I cant seem to get my self out of my own fucking head
But I wanna explore you
I wanna exploit you

My Best Interest

Written By: Jon-Paul Bakaric and Scab Waldorf

You are a flower in disguise
Mission accomplished cause I wanna hide
Run and write for you into the cold nights
Sleep in bed until the morning comes alive

You are a battle in my head
A drink to take down when I'm depressed
A cure all for the medicine’s that I miss
These things that I gotta give up for you

So take your last drink and when it settles
You can find the comfort in your arms but never in your heart
Cause all those days that I wished that I could be with you
Was not good for me, was never good for me anyway

You are a case of writers block,
Blood clots in the arteries of all my hopes and dreams
Your heart is ever cold so much that I can see
My breath when I speak your name, I can feel all your pain
From all those things that you’ve done wrong

So open up your window to me
And tell me that you love me tell me im the only one
Open up your window to me
Cause I hope the sound of my name,
Makes your skin crawl, makes your bones ache
This is for all of the wrongs I cant right those scary things in the night
Those places I wanna go cause God I miss my home
If just had one more chance, I swear that I’d make it right
I swear I say all those things I never said, couldn’t say, wanted to say to you

This Is It

Written By: Jon-Paul Bakaric

Act 1
I want you to jump out of your seat
begin to scream and repent, repent for all of us, cause you donít know everything

Act 2
I want you to take your army back out to the streets
Stand on your own two feet, because you can be proud to fight side by side with people like me

Act 3
And I know I can fight for the right cause, when the cause is just
I can be found with the touch of it off, like a fire worked explosion inside of her
If I take time for granted, then damn me down cause I wont die without a fight

So ran sack it all, you can take the big fall, you can drink down the whole bottle, you can drink for the fun of it all, I will miss you all when im gone,
Cause I know I can do it

So c'mon get up love do you have nothing better to say?
Its my fault love all I do is push you away
Cause this is it I know that shes just a person now, shes just a person like me,
So talk to me, yea I know that I do, I know I love You
Shes just a person like me


The Boys of Summer - What It's All About (June 15th, 2010)

1. Things In Twos
2. This Is It
3. Love Like An Arms Race
4. Is She Fiction
5. Night Light
6. My Best Interest
7. Maps And Magnets
8. A Long Road Home
9. I Don't Belong
10. Gun Shy
11. What Its All About
12. 85' Insignificant Heartbeats