The Boy Who Thought

The Boy Who Thought


The Boy Who Thought is reminiscent of a vintage 1972 (the best year for grape production) pinot noir that you have left unopened a bit too long; it might taste a bit sour, but it will still get you hammered. Some have also classified The Boy Who Thought as a retro Kimmy Gibbler.


Our influences include but are not limited to the ocean, A nightmare on Elm Street, and Milli Vanilli (we don't care if those guys got busted, we always blame it on the rain). What sets us apart from other bands is our ability to crochet on stage, while at the same time inspiring joy and mild acid indigestion among our fans. The Boy Who Thought was formed in the seedy underbelly of the Chicago suburbs known as Elgin, home to the world famous El Faro's burrito. We're just five dudes working with youth in one way or another who play in a band. Oh yeah, and our live show feels like someone dropped an atomic bomb in your pants... and you enjoyed it.


The Boy Who Thought Runs for Mayor- LP

Karma Goes Down on The Boy Who Thought- EP

Set List

Our set usually includes: David Bowie's Cod Piece, Theme Song to The Funky Oven, Dick Kick, Wolf Dick Wolf, Cunt Punt, Remember the Al-Emo, Zombies Ate My Brains, Boobs in a Movie, Soc Hop, and Rock Receipt. Our sets are usually about 30 minutes, and our only cover is Anything, Anything by Dramarama