The Bradbury Press

The Bradbury Press


Bearing the stamp of The Dave Matthews Band and early Counting Crows, The Bradbury Press make their own, rocking acousti-band sound that puts good songs and strong hooks first.


Praised at once for their intelligent lyrics and their pop sensibilities, The Bradbury Press have the uncanny ability to make thought-provoking music that sounds familiar the first time you hear it.

With their latest CD "The Front", The Bradbury Press demonstrate this ability perfectly, combining melodic storytelling and inspired riffs with an clear vision that steers clear of rootsy melodrama or jamband boredom. Songs like "Domino", "Dive", and "The Front" strike the balance almost perfectly, painting complex scenes
laced with optimism onto a refined musical canvas.

"I want to write about ideas that interest me; the choices we make, and the way we influence eachother's lives, even in small ways, every day", says Darren Golden, Bradbury's main songwriter.

Led by the immediately recognizable voice of Golden, The Bradbury Press have invite quick comparisons to acoustic rockers Dave Matthews and Counting Crows, who sport similarly distinct vocals and thoughtful
lyrics stacked over acoustic based tracks. But this is no one man show, the band is a band in the truest sense of the word, with Dave Brewer(Electric Guitar and the band's other vocalist/songwriter), Travis Hartman(Bass), and Greg Garcia (Drums) each contributing their talents to the whole. Call it Popular Americana or Rhythmic Roots Rock, The Bradbury Press call Seattle their home. Better known for spawning indie rockers like Modest Mouse and labels like Sub Pop, Seattle also hosts a thriving acoustic scene. Having cut their teeth at the Seattle proving ground, The Tractor Tavern, opening for artists like The Clumsy Lovers, The Clintons, Tom Lambda and The Paperboys and The Samples the Bradburies have been criss-crossing the Western States in their mini-bus, Shelley, creating new fans in their wake.

From the beachside party haunt of Canes in San Diego to Seattle's million-plus world famous Bumbershoot Music Festival, these boys have as much fun offstage as they do on, making new friends and fans in every
town. Drummer Greg Garcia notes, "We LOVE playing out but the best thing about shows is almost always the new friends we make." Judging by the band's consistently busy schedule, they are making a lot of friends.


Running Through My Mind - The Front

Written By: Darren Golden

I talk to you even when you're miles away
No phone in the room where I lay
It's snowing outside. I should be cold as ice
But I'm warm without blanket or fire in my home

Everyday you're running through my mind

I imagine your face is right there in the window
It's not as good as the real thing in front of my own
But soon you'll be at the door

I go through my day knowing you're thinking of me
I'm you're hero and that's all that I need to be

Everyday you're running through my mind
And you linger in my dreams in the night

Oh my angel I feel that you're watching me way up on top of your cloud
Throw down a ladder and climb on down

Everyday you're running through my mind
And you linger in my dreams in the night
Everyday you're running through my mind
And you linger in my dreams in the night

Never be alone in the daytime
Never be alone in the night.

Lost - The Front

Written By: Darren Golden

You lost your way a long time ago
But who's to say does anyone know
Drivin home..she turns to me to say
Do u believe in all the angels that fly
far from i turn my head and say

CHORUS: Who's to blame...for making you this way
I dont like them anymore
may they waste away..never be seen again
what if we just never told

I have been higher than life have you been there before?
Past the clouds into your eyes can you say..nevermore
when we were young all the structure in our lives it ran its own course
awakened child rolls its eyes and all the lies they come back to the source

Bridge: Pass or fail I'm golden in your eyes
heads or tails I win you realize
and all the little starts they fade away in the end and it starts again
every time she walks in


The Bouncing Ball - Hanscom

Written By: Darren Golden - The Bradbury Press

Oh I'm running. Chasing after you
But you're too fast, and I don't have running shoes
When I turn away you reach out with a friendly hand
As soon as you see that I'm not gonna leave. the game's on again

Believe me, I've had enough, but I can't help waiting
Just a little bit more
Maybe you'll grow up, and stop playing like the little girl next door
When I'm upset with you, you can turn it around
Then I blame myself
M-A-N-I-P-U-L-A-T-I-O-N is how it's spelled

Like a bouncing ball, you lift me in the air
When I'm up, you push me down
You make the ground so soft, I can't stand up
Can't get off the ground
But then I stop. and think for a minute but you send another smile my way
And I come right back, arms wide open, thinking that you're gonna change someday
You are my addiction and I can't stop using though you're bad for me
I figure just one more time is all I'm gonna take. then it's time to leave
But still each time I let it slide cause I just can't comprehend
That you'd be playing these games on purpose and I assume that you understand


You give me a look like you're satisfied, then you turn away
Life's like a teeter totter
No bread or butter. no water to drink
The same old song plays on, my dancing shoes wearing thin
And with feet this sore I'm gonna dance no more. This song has ended


The Front - Released February 2005
Hanscom - Debut CD, Released October 2002
Live at The Crocodile Cafe - Soon to be released in 2008

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Set List

Set list varies depending on the show and how long we are expected to play. Most of our material is original, but we do play some covers if necessary.