The Brad Sound

The Brad Sound


The Brad Sound: 1 cup Tears For Fears, 1/2 cup Barenaked Ladies, 1/3 cup of the voice of Depeche Mode, a tbsp. of Led Zeppelin riffs, two tsps. Neil Diamond and The B-52's. Finish with a dash of The Cure. Briskly mix; then spin contents for roughly 30 minutes. Consume when a good mood is paramount.


“There has to be more to life than being another brick in the proverbial 9 to 5 wall,” exclaimed Brad several years ago. “Life just must be more than following fads, compressing people into labels, and keeping up with the Joneses. I deeply sense it!”

So, Brad went searching… searching through meditation, yoga, self-help books, journaling, and – especially – songwriting. And, those close will tell you that his journeys have paid off, providing him with inner happiness, contentment, a love of living, and songs dipped in the profound aspects of the human condition.

His first three releases – using the band name A Year From Monday – contained songs asking listeners to: cast aside judgment and embrace people from all skips of life, tread in others’ soles before criticizing others’ actions, pursue one’s passion to blossom one’s bliss, deal with painful issues to venture beyond pain’s binds, and care less what others think of you and more of what you think of you.

Now, with this latest release Ameruka – and first as The Brad Sound – he continues some of those same themes, but also asks listeners to: strive for equality in relationships, send love rather than negative energy to people, issues, or events that are troubling, and take the decent into inner darkness as a means to remove obstacles in the way of pure elation.

“My desire is for this music to help listeners in some poignant way regardless of where they’re at in their personal odysseys. Yes, I’m an idealist and an optimist as often as possible, for what better way is there to fully enjoy all facets of humanity and life on Earth."


Pray For Love

Written By: Brad McClellan

“Pray For Love”

The constitution has faded.
Pristine wilderness invaded:
victims of the creed of many corporations.
Now, we permit preemptive war minus evidence.
Yes, underscore how the administration beguiles our nation.

*Pray for love, do as love, and we will see changes we seek.
This is how Earth shall come to the meek.

The dollar gap between haves and have-nots grows obscene –
an elite creation coined inflation.
This greenback manipulation so instilled it’s caused sedation.
Connived so wise, it thwarts the outcries.

*Pray for love, do as love, and we will see changes we seek.
This is how Earth shall come to the meek.

This is how Earth shall come to the meek.
Watch as this greed plague becomes weak.

Our future, though, is not fate.
But, a chance to unite and create
that which will benefit all humanity.

*Pray for love, do as love, and we will see changes we seek.
This is how Earth shall come to the meek.

It's All Right

Written By: Brad McClellan

It’s all right, hold tight
I can see pain melting away
Climb up the light
Reclaim power, release night

V1: Life can leave holes, and we try controls
But this just brings more pain
This hurt, pushed aside, we deny just to hide
From truth otherwise seen plain


V2: We reach out to fill this void but we spill
Our souls. Can you hear them cry?
Then fear is crowned king and addiction the queen
See how this castle flames and sighs


B1: Love will ever conquer you (Heal that soul now. Hey, heal that body)
And always it will come through
But you must let it in for it surely won’t come uninvited
Dive into love, let it imbue


Forgive Me

Written By: Brad McClellan

V1: Will someone wake me from this Narcissus-born nap?
This doze has strayed my days in heart’s sanguine lap
My enemy? It’s my energy that I have sent hence
Back it comes fierce now, levying its rents

Forgive me, I have pranced blind
Ignorance? My scepter, noxious bind

V2: What whims have bore these thoughtless thoughts, so well below above?
A secret romance with a fond friend’s love
And, accolades accepted for another’s sweat exuded
Oh, to back step keen and glean sense eluded

Forgive me, I have pranced blind
Ignorance? My scepter, noxious bind
Forgive me, fool refined
Reflection? Oh, sights of sin unwind

B: How’s your Karma? Check your living
What you get, is what you’re giving
Remember, too, intention counts
If love is not present, your gift will bounce
Skeptical? Do flash back
To when others chose you to attack
Or, some awful event your way came
Payback it all is through actions you name

V3: Yet, forgiveness beams in the scene unseen
That endless enigma sounds, “Clean that unclean.”
Strike I will my record, pitiful and soiled
Now, hoisted heart, righted wrongs, ancient I foiled

Forgive me, I have pranced blind
Ignorance? My scepter, noxious bind
Forgive me, my vile work lay behind
My oath since is movements duly kind

I Burn To Be

Written By: Brad McClellan

From the navel of Vishnu and the eye of truth, we are born
So many lifetimes worn.
In this imperfect world we slumber as imperfect youths, blossom all seven
To conjure our Heaven.

*I choose to duel with darkness, embark on the inner journey.
That’s where the grail lies. Unearth and the hero is free.

One thousand footpaths to the same God;
I burn to be. I burn to be.

Fire breathers (fire breathers) to crumble and horned fatuity to crush;
Glittered worlds up rush.
Illusions sit real and reality eludes us much.
To see is to touch.


A smoke screen, serpentine promenade
I burn to…

Bridge: Incite (be)
Illness (again. I burn to…)

V3: True gold nestles there waiting, journey in you or fall bound
To whim’s merry-go-round.
And, should alchemy find you, you find Ameruka is a round door
Many realms to explore


The odyssey beyond the facade
I burn to be. I burn to be

I choose to duel with darkness, embark on the inner journey
That’s where the grail lies. Unearth and the hero is free

I choose to duel with darkness, embark on the inner journey
That’s where the grail lies. Unearth and the hero is free
(A thousand footpaths to the same God. A smoke screen, serpentine promenade.)
(The odyssey beyond the façade. I burn to be.)

Higher Purity

Written By: Brad McClellan

V1: Diminish me? Never again (never again)
For I am your equal
And my tolerance is well beyond paper thin

V2: Diffuse me? Don’t even pretend
Because my light is worthy
I’ve got to shine it as bright as I possibly can

Don’t you see? We can be separate flames
Though in unity, birth fire of higher purity

V3: Encourage me when struggle ascends (when struggle ascends)
And you’ll reap the warmth
This action’s reaction adoringly sends

V4: Nurture me if sorrow should pour
For the hands of such gift raise sunshine
Look how love rekindles your innermost lore

* Chorus

Killing Ages (Say So Long)

Written By: Brad McClellan

V1: There has been too much bloodshed
Could cover the mother in bold red

V2: Will you not heave your hearts then?
Rouse the eager Trinity in every citizen?

Say so long to the Killing Ages
Everybody say, “So long.”

V3: Does the fight serve delight somehow?
Whose voice weaves this choice into the favored vow?

V4: Come dethrone the deceiver within
Savor silence, buried violence, Om’s halcyon din


B: Tears, so plenty, do they not mock this Grim mess?
Do not the overwrought gift sight to the sightless?
And, light to the lightless?

V5: Are we fast fixed to narrow creeds?
Is tolerance beyond defense while hatred breeds?

V6: Imagine all crowned profound love kings
Spirit seen first so hues cannot curse soul minglings



Using the band name A Year From Monday, Brad released three albums: Euphoria House, Ne Plus Ultra, and Tohidu. Ameruka is his first release as The Brad Sound. Currently, the following singles from Ameruka are getting Internet radio airplay: "It's All Right", "Forgive Me", "Pray For Love", and "Killing Ages".

Set List

Typical Set List (All Originals):

1] What About You
2] I Burn To Be
3] This Bizarre Girl
4] Forgive Me
5] Love Knows No Color
6] Always
7] Higher Purity
8] Right Or Wrong
9] Killing Ages
10]Pray For Love
11] It's All Right

1] Make It A Great Day
2] Butterfly
3] Guru's Gita
4] My Faerie Golden
5] Any Other Way
6] Eden Hughes
7] Passion
8] Follow Me
9] Still Hurting
10] (Love) The Perfect Drug
11] Like A River

Encore Songs:
1] Her Aching Soul
2] Chocolate
3] No Girl Now
4] Rejuvenation
5] Goodbye Jealousy
6] Beautiful
7] Is Phoenix Rising?