the brain

the brain

 Austin, Texas, USA
BandHip HopSpoken Word

In a world where the average hip-hop performer is karaoke, at best, the brain transcends the boundaries of what is considered rap. His sound is for anyone that can open their subconscious mind and understand intelligent thought and rhythmical poetry. He is an originator and innovator of style.


The Brain is an independent Austin hip hop artist who is a lyricist, producer, live performer and recording artist. His hip hop is reminiscent of early 90’s west coast underground with a new southern twist.  His influences include Hieroglyphics, Living Legends, KRS One, Wu- Tang Clan, Abstract Rude, Atmosphere and Immortal Technique and many others. It is a mix of melodic blues and rock with the classic hip hop sound.  He is a believer in bringing emceeing back to hip hop and putting hard work behind the music. The Brain wants to create better music which has a message and meaning, while bringing hip hop back to its roots.
He has been performing in many local venues in Austin and surrounding cities for the past decade.  His debut solo album was released in August of 2009 entitled “Any Questions?, Which preceded a central Texas tour in collaboration with Killah Priest and Dj Notion. He has worked and performed with Austin natives such as Zeale 32, Haps, Tee Double, Bavu Blakes, Dubb Sicks, Spin Alley and Clemits of M.S.G..  He is continuously working and playing shows in Austin, Texas and is currently working on a second solo album.


Debut album “Any Questions?” Released August 14th 2009