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For every Ministry or Static X there comes a Gravity Kills or a Rorschach Test. Industrial music has always had its' share of innovative acts, and it has also had its' share of generic acts that recycle riffs and electronic noises because they lack creativity. The Brain Chiggers defy the generic label. They bring a blend of high energy music with a no bullshit attitude, putting them in the category of up and coming industrial bands. When I took my first listen to "Organized Chaos", it commanded my attention and had me hooked until the very end. I'll admit that I'm not much of a fan of industrial music, but I can say that I like what these guys are doing. "Entity" hits you with a wave of throbbing industrial mayhem, mixed with soundbite samples. It hits in the vein of the aforementioned Static X and Ministry, that aggressive, machine gun sound that gets your heart racing and leaves you breathless. Attack dog vocals switch between yells and spoken passages while crunchy guitar riffs strip flesh from your bones. Straightforward and to the point, this song will put you in your place without even blinking. Tucker's clean guitar riff begins "Minnesota Personality", soon joined by laid back vocals. The mood gets dreary with synth in the background and subdued guitar and vocal work. It trades off between heavy parts and laid back parts before P.M. goes off and Jackson provides some thunder from the skins. Shredding guitars and a hammering rhythm section crush your skull on "Never", joined by screaming vocals and chaotic electronics. It has the feel of a runaway train. Sarcastic vocals are spewed at you as the band plays throbbing industrial metal with the fury of men possessed. It has that flesh stripping feel to it as they plod along, giving new meaning to the words skinned alive. "Notice" nails you with a throbbing intro right from the start. The machine gun rhythm section and flesh shredding guitar riffage hit hard while the vocals are pissed off and come at you full force. Mellow interludes are thrown in here and there, but they are effective and fit in well with the mood of the music. The breakdown is sick and only adds fuel to the fire. Overall, I give "Organized Chaos" a 6.5 out of 10. There is quite a bit of talent here, and the band seems to know how to use that talent to exorcise their demons. If they can continue to be creative and original, they could go far. - Matt

"Empathy Promotions"

The Brain Chiggers latest album, "Organized Chaos", is not your average record, it could be the groups unique style of blending rock and techno but it isn't, its there music in general. There sound and vocals are kind of trippy in away because of the samples. Once the opening track "Entity" begins your only in for a fraction of what your expecting. The track "Minnesota Personality" shows off the softer side of The Brain Chiggers. While track 4 "Never" shows off the groups heavier side. To get right down to it, if you like diverseity this record is for you and if you have a one tracked mind go listen to Adema. I see a future for these guys and I highly reccommend you to go buy there cd, it would be an excallant adition to your collection. 10/10 - Patrick

"Break The Static"

The debut Ep from The Brain Chiggers will rock you like you haven't been rocked before. These guys are coming out of Bloomington, Illinois with an intense sound similar to the likes of Slipknot and Mudvayne. The opening riff of the album is what starts it off. The first track 'Entity' is the heaviest song I've heard in a while from an unsigned band. The band keeps it's heaviness throughout with the exception of the amazing song, 'Minnesota Personality'. This song takes it down a notch, which is a cornerstone for every heavy band's success. 'Minnesota Personality' brings you the some of the heaviness that the rest of the Ep has while managing to stay mostly melodic through the entire track. The vocal duty for The Brain Chiggers comes from P.M. His style is similar to Manson at times with more of a Corey (Slipknot) or Kud (Mudvayne) growl to it. Not only does he rock it out with his voice, but P.M. alongside Jackson, bring you the twisted sampling to the bands unique style. Jackson also lends his duties to the drumming on the album which is fantastic. His bass kicks are incredibly fast at times making you wonder how his calves feel. Tucker and Scott handle the guitars for the band and do a fine job of it with their intense riffs and harmonic melodies. Kent rounds out the band with his bass playing. Again, he holds up his end of the heaviness with his bass lines. This debut album is packed full of great songs, well if you call five out of five packed. There is no weak song present, and by the sound of it I think this band will be rising out of their local scene and see themselves rocking out on a national level someday. This is one of the more impressive bands I've heard in this year of 2002, even though it's still early I think this will hold up for the entire coarse. - Tizzy

"2001 Organized Chaos Review"

The Brain Chiggers are a five piece band out of the Illinois area that have recently put together a five song EP entitled "Organized Chaos", which discribes their music perfectly. What you will find on this album is something that is different from most indie albums out there today. They are aggressive, raw, and heavy, while at the same time incorporating some acoustics and mellower parts into their music as well. Samples and electronics also play a big role in their sound, which are both done by PM & Jaxson. Overall I was really happy with this CD, I can't wait for a full length from these guys. I have heard some of their older material, and they definately improved since then, so I can't wait to see what they will do in the future. Nice work guys, keep that sh%t up! -

"the Brain Chiggers - "Organized Chaos""

Imagine.... A Metal band from Iowa! Ha! Wait a minute... I think there's a band called "Slipnot" or something like that from Iowa! Maybe these guys have a shot! If you sensed a large dose of sarcasm there, congrats! These guys are ready now to make the jump. This 5 song EP serves as a "demo" but in reality, its 5 tracks of intense groove, hardcore, metal ready for your listening pleasure. They use some nice effects, from samples to guitars so some industrialized voices that make this a better than average album. They do more in 5 songs than most bands do in a full CD. Tracks 1 and 2 "Entity" and "Step Up" slam your head into a wall. Track 3 "Minnesota Personality" shows a more melodic side as vocalist P.M. show us he has a nice voice and the guitars can be turned off for brief moments. Don't get me wrong, in some ways this is the most emotional and intense song, its just not balls out the entire song, but rather sets you up for the bodyslam. The last two tracks "Never" and "Notice" return to a powerful onslaught of metal with traces of industrial mayhem. Bottom line, if these guys don't make it big soon, I'll be suprised. This is a solid, tight and talented outfit with one of the coolest f*ckin' names I've heard in a long time. - Rock and a Hard Place

"Organized Chaos 2001 Review"

Admist an air of raw force, the Brain Chiggers' step forth with their latest five track EP, Organized Chaos; a detuned heavy slamcore offering bringing to mind the likes of Mudvayne, Dope, and Mushroomhead with one swipe of the blade. Constructed with huge guitar crunch, thick drum beats, hints of programming/sampling, and PM's mechanical vocals, the offering holds together quit well, running down a path of consistent metal/hardcore groundwork. The albums most radio-worthy track "Minnesota Personality", maintains the Brain Chiggers' ability to balance the ominously brutal, with the ever popular melodic prowess, surfacing in many of todays recording outfits. Nutured by time, the Brain Chiggers are destined to land some notable attention, from those within the industry,. For more info on The Brain Chiggers, look them up on the web at -


Organized Chaos EP 2002/03
Industry only release Summer/Fall 2003
Drama EP 2004
Systemic Demo
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