The Brain Police

The Brain Police

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Devoted to performing the music of Frank Zappa. “Music is the best” FZ


It was a simple flyer with “Frank Zappa” written in size 30 bold font (Times New Roman) that brought The Brain Police together. Talented musicians from several music schools in Boston got together to play some Zappa music and the ones left standing went on to form The Brain Police. Their hope is to tap into the underground Zappa scene in Boston and let the people freak out. Remember, Zappa’s music isn’t dead… it just smells funny.


Tyrone Warren
Dan Kessler
Alex Mathias
Nadeem Majdalany
Alyssa Tumino
Madi Diaz
Bryan House

Set List

The Brain Police play the music of Frank Zappa. Here's just a few of the tunes that pop into the setlist:

I'm the Slime
King Kong
Peaches en Regalia
The Black Page #2 (the easy teenage NY version)
Cosmik Debris
What's New in Baltimore?
Son of Mr. Green Genes
Muffin Man
Zomby Woof
We Are Not Alone
Bamboozled By Love
Titties & Beer
Blessed Relief
Echidna's Arf (of you)
Dirty Love
Uncle Meat
Don't Eat the Yellow Snow (suite)
Let's Make the Water Turn Black
Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance
Son of Orange County
The Idiot Bastard Son
Mom & Dad
Oh No
More Trouble Every Day