The Bran Flakes

The Bran Flakes

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Experimental pop music project employing a variety of found samples and sounds.


Formed in 1992 amidst tape and zine trading scenes, The Bran Flakes already have seven releases of zany mashups and poppy audio collages that are more likely to cop a riff from Evel Knievel than anything on the current radio dial. Call them the cover boys of Cool and Strange Music or simply misfits with giant paper-mâché heads, these boys have amassed a cult following for their child-like concoctions that evoke flashbacks of a sugar-induced high whilst watching Sesame Street.



I Have Hands | Illegal Art - CD - 2009
Bubbles | Happi Tyme - Net Release - 2007
Bounces! | Happi Tyme - CD - 2002
I Don't Have A Friend | Lomo - CD - 2000
Hey Won't Somebody Come and Play Ovenguard Music | CDR - 1999
I Remember When I Break Down - Ovenguard Music | CDR - 1998
I Like To Share - Happi Tyme - Cassette | 1998
I Remember When I Break Down - MOM Tapes | Cassette - 1996

Jean-Jacques Perrey & Dana Countryman - The Happy Electropop Music Machine | Oglio - CD - 2006
End: The Sick Generation | Hymen - CD - 2005
Tipsy Remix Party | Asphodel - CD - 2002
R. Stevie Moore - Midi-Bran Piano-Rolls | CDRSMCLUB - CDR - 2001

Porky Pig: New Music Series No. 1 | Standard Oil - CD/Comic/Photos - 2004
My Malady | Mental Monkey - CD - 2003

Plus many more:

Set List

For their cabaret-induced live performances The Bran Flakes bring in Clam Bam the talking robot, a dancing chicken, a gorilla, and a ficticious radio station booth entitled KLAM-FM. Audience members are given big foam hands that they can take home after the show. Shows include animated videos, marching bands, piñatas, confetti cannons, and whatever else their imagination dreams up.