The Brassic

The Brassic

 London, England, GBR

Remember the Jam? Dr Feelgood even!
Remember good old England?
Remember when going to gigs felt like something special?
London with the lads, Brighton with the lass!
Night Bus, Cold Chips , Cheeky Wink!
Remember the fire in your belly? Remember no nonsense? Reminiscing Over! We Are The Brassic!


We are THE BRASSIC! We are called so because we are always skint! "coming out for a pint tonight?" "nah sorry mate, would love to! but i am a bit low on doe at the mo" A conversation we've had many times, i am sure you have too! Its great ain't it! life in modern britain, spending long days, getting paid minimum wage, for a job you hate, and then using the hard earned cash to pay for the cost of living! Gotta find a way to cut loose though right? So we make music! Its not the perfect answer, it aint paying the bills! but its gotta be better than being a drug addict or a cheap thief or kicking lumps out of someone to let the anger out! We cant be the only ones fed up with the way things are! corporate greed, bent politicians, celebrity obsessed media, benifit scroungers and chav scum on every high street, and the worst thing, our great british music industry! It used to be the worlds envy, the beatles, the stones, the who, the kinks the smiths, the jam, dr feelgood, the specials, the clash the stone roses, blur! we could go on all day! So how about now, a handfull of exceptions the coral, jamie t, laura marling, kasabian, arctic monkeys, the maccabees, babyshambles! All great, but how often do you hear them on the radio? nah instead we are subjected to shit radio playlists of dull american "brands" or X factor rejects or "n-dubz blood!" FUCK OFF with this shit! So maybe we aint looking foward, maybe we'll call ourselves mods and be proud to do so, maybe we'll associate ourselves with a past culture, cus we certainly dont feel part of the present! you can keep ur plastic street gangster bollocks! We are gonna lose ourselves in rock n roll and start the fightback, we aint doing it for you! we are doing it for ourselves! WE ARE THE BRASSIC! AND WE THE MODS!


FOR THE POOR (5 Track Demo)
MODERN LUST (4 Track Demo)
JUNE (3 Track Demo)