The Brass Monkeez

The Brass Monkeez

 Youngstown, New York, USA

I Play many instruments(guitar trombone piano drums) I always think about what i would want from my instrument in whatever style if i were playing another instr. I study the work of a diverse crowd with an open mind as well as theory history literature and philosophy to grow as best as possible.


Steve Fleck: Aspiring artist with uncontainable passion for the beethovian philosophy that music is a form of very powerful, expressive art, and i live to create it.
I started playing guitar at age 12 because i thought i didn't like trombone and i loved the Beatles, so i learned the guitar and bass parts to nearly all their songs.
Then at 14 I got into Zeppelin and blues, as well as a general appreciation for music with heart and soul. From this love for expression and emotion in music, i grew to love the Grateful Dead because i thought they were the most expressive and creative group ever.
Then at 16 (this year) I enrolled in Music History, which changed my life.
It broke all my preconceived notions about classical music (which i thought i did not like). It broadened my interests, influences and understanding of music. The delicate clarity of Mozart brought me subtle happiness, intense choral polypony by Thomas Weelkes blew away CSN, the emotion of Beethoven and his passion inspired me, and the functional Harmony of Bach helped me to better understand why music pulled on emotions and how it does it..but i still approach everything assuming there is far more to learn, because arrogance is parochial and wasteful in my opinion. I live to create the best music i can with others or alone, while taking inspiration from everything around me and learning every step of the way.

I would call my music Historical Fiction, because it usually incorporates a tale that is either made up or true from some time period and its context, who's norms i may alter in any way because i can. i love history and stories of the past, as well as diverse music from throughout the world in different eras. My lyrics and music express me in different ways; My lyrics shed light on stories that deal "problems of the ages" like love, persecution (corrupt govt vs. citizen, parent vs. child, misfit vs. society, outlaw/nonconformist vs. society etc) , travel, and daily life. My music shows the delight and happiness that i find in nature in sporatic contrast to the greed and hatred that i sometimes see in society. The two are brought together with motives and styles from eras gone by which crop up in lyrical allusions or musical motives.

I have recently discovered and been exploring my love for jazz. I have taken blues/rock/fingerstyle/slide lessons for a year now (after being self taught to that point) and started taking jazz/classical 6 months ago. My favorite jazz artists which are quickly influencing improvising style are Miles Davis, Kurt Rosenwinkle, Weather Report, and especially Louis Armstrong (he makes my favorite sounds). To me, jazz seems to be the peak of musical freedom, intelect, and expression.

Major influences:
Writing Style (Structure, Form, Harmony):
Jerry Garcia, Miles Davis, John Lennon/ Paul McCartney, Mozart, Eric Clapton, Beethoven, and The Allman Bros. Electric Lead:
Danny Gatton, Duane Allman, Jerry Garcia, Louis Armstrong,Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix
Bob Weir (his voiceleading especially), McCoy Tyner, Igor Stravinsky, John Lennon, Mozart (he showed me meter changes over a common pulse)
Acoustic :
Jorma Kaukonen, Reverand Gary Davis, Robert Johnson, Jack Thurman, big band accompany players before they went electric.
John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Weir, Jerry Garcia, Robert Plant
History, Folktales, Opera Libretto, Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison, Robert Hunter, Bruce Springsteen, AP English Class

My Band, The Brass Monkeez gigs frequenly and believe greatly in playing music above all else, especially if its making people happy and/or helping people. We have played the Relay for Life 4 years in a row (since 8th grade) and done lots of work for the Tunes for Food Program and the Foodbank of Western New York through Robby Tackack's Music is Art Program. We have won several battles of the bands (one at HSBC arena in Buffalo) and


One Guitar-Steve Fleck*(Willie Nile Cover)
Girl-Steve Fleck*

*Available on I tunes, and cd baby.
All proceeds benefit the hungry

Set List

Song List for (and many more)

The Who:
The Kids are Alright
Pinball Wizard
My Generation
Won’t Get Fooled Again
Magic Bus

The Grateful Dead:
Uncle John’s Band
St. Stephen
U.S. Blues
Franklin’s Tower
Not Fade Away (Buddy Holly)

Whole Lotta Love
Good Times, Bad Times
Black Dog
Stairway To Heaven
Dazed and Confused
Communication breakdown

Twist and Shout
Get Back
In My Life
Please Please
I Wanna Hold Your Hand
She Loves You
I Saw Her Standin’ There
Can’t Buy Me Love

Rolling Stones:
Get Off My Cloud
19th Nervous Breakdown
Brown Sugar
Sympathy For The Devil
Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Rolling Stones cont’d.:
Beast of Burden


Good Lovin’
Brown Eyed Girl
Johnny B. Goode
I’m a Believer
Fortunate Son
Are You Gonna Be My Girl
What I Got (Sublime)
All Along The Watchtower (Dylan/Hendrix)
The Shape I’m In (The Band)
The Weight
Sweet Home A