The Brays

The Brays

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The Brays play beautifully crafted rock songs that will move your feet, touch your heart and make your soul and voice sing! Classic songwriters, consumate performers and showmen, the band are truly in a class of their own.


There is a strange sort of magic that happens when you mix a group of great musicians with some of the finest pop music in recent memory. This sort of magic is called: The Brays.

A band so committed to their music they got together £10,000 of other people's money and convinced page 3 girl Kelly Bell to feature in their first video; as seen on youtube

The Brays play songs. There you go. We said it. The Brays love songs. Love writing them, love singing them, and more than anything else, love playing them. Songs that tell stories packed with melodies, harmonies, pounding rhythm, spiralling synths and crashing guitars to make them soar!

Their individual and stylish take on catchy indie rock has won converts and fans all over the UK and also into Europe and America. Not only do they write the sort of songs that most bands would give their right arms for, but their live shows are sweaty, dance-til-your-feet-hurt, heart-soaring celebrations.

The Brays’ great reputation has been bolstered further by the release of two critically acclaimed singles and support slots with Feeder, The Cribs, We Are Scientists and The Levellers. Their journey has already taken the from the corner of sweaty pubs to the magnificent stage of venues like the Indigo2 and Café de Paris. Their combination of great song writing and 'electric' gigs are a reminder of why we love music so much.

One word of warning, once you've heard them, The Brays will become permanent residents in not only your stereo, but also your head and your heart too. Go on...let the magic fill you!

Pino Soccio - Keyboards & Vocals
Eddie Seddon - Bass
Gavin Hyde - Vocals & Guitar
Keith Ford - Drums
Matt Seddon - Guitar & Vocals


Sin (2009)
This Is It Now (2010)

Somebody Said... (2008)
Outside The Inside (2009)