the Breadbox Band

the Breadbox Band


Five guys from a variety of musical backgrounds including rock, funk, improvisation, progressive, industrial and reggae. Double guitar, bass, drums and keys fill out the lineup.


The Breadbox Band is composed of five members who bring more to the creative table than just high quality musical skills. They are changing the face of the “jamband” one show at a time. By infusing their crowds with high spirits and positive energy, the Breadbox Band is cultivating a generation of their peers who are eager to dance, enjoy, unwind and open up.
With an eclectic mix of musical influences from Nine Inch Nails to Bob Marley they appeal to a wide variety of ears. When they come together it’s a sound unlike any other and to say the least, it’s uplifting and inspiring. Each song is different from the next, yet every song is the Breadbox Band. The Northeast is just the beginning for these five emerging artists as they take each venue by storm and collect new fans tune by tune.


River Song

Written By: Phil DiGiorgio

I’ve been sitting by the river for so long
How can you blame me for moving on?
I’ve been waiting here for too damn long
Its time I think I should go.

Will you come with me O love of mine
I’d like to take you if you don’t mind
We can travel through space and time
Its late lets get it on

Down down by the riverside is where I found my name
Down down by the riverside is where I proclaim
Been here too long, gotta move on
Let’s roll lets roll lets roll

I’d like to take you away from this place
Somewhere where I can see your pretty face
The only thing I ask while I sing this rhapsody
O yes, just you and me

We can walk along the shores of old San Fran
We can dance in Tennessee while I hold your hand
We can sing in Abilene if you so incline
With our love so entwine.

A Mind of Silent Glory

Written By: Phil DiGiorgio

Wasted words are here again
Talking bout our origin
Wont you please just, let me in

Felt this way for a good long time
Seems nobody wants to, share in mine
Should I wait or, start my climb

See all the people, running scared
What do they know…?

This is all just but a dream…
And we don’t know, just where we go

I can run I can fly
I can see myself, living in the sky
Don’t cry, the dream is over

I can laugh I can sing
I can see myself, doing everything
So smile, the dream is over

What a beautiful dream…we had


the Breadbox Band ( 2007 )