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"moe., SCI and Gov’t Mule in Simlish"

A number of the artists we feature on the site have contributed their music to the world of The Sims. The Sims 2 Seasons Expansion Pack features moe., Gov’t Mule, The String Cheese Incident, the Breadbox Band and others performing their music in Simlish. SCI’s Kyle Hollingsworth, explains, "Being well-versed in improvisation, we felt up for the challenge of re-recording our song, 'Close Your Eyes' in Simlish. The Sims' language may be a bit unfamiliar, but musically it actually translates fairly smoothly; its cadence is quite musical.” In addition to String Cheese’s "Close Your Eyes" The musical selections also include the Mule’s “Mr. High and Mighty,” moe.’s “Blue Jeans Pizza” and The Breadbox Band’s “N.” -

"The Breadbox Band to Release First Studio Album"


Pomona, NY – The dedicated and talented Breadbox Band based out of Rockland County, NY is thrilled to announce that they will release their long awaited first studio album. The self titled album will include 10 songs all originally written, performed, recorded and produced by the band. The songs were recorded with sound engineer Mike Partridge who is in association with the musical group Railroad Earth. The official album release date is Tuesday, February 27th and will be available for sale on, and on the band’s website which is
A CD Release Party is being held at Mexicali Blues Café in Teaneck, New Jersey on March 3rd. The event will start at 9:00 PM and is open to the public 18 years or older. Supporting artists performing that evening include Buzz Universe and Unexplained Bacon; both emerging bands out of New Jersey. In support of their new album, the Breadbox Band has set up a rigorous winter/spring tour schedule where they will perform all throughout the Northeast at notable venues. For the complete tour schedule with specific venue information please visit
The Breadbox Band is an accomplished group who has experienced many triumphs in a short time. In the year 2006 alone they increased their fan-base by a considerable amount all throughout the country, enjoyed a successful summer/fall tour, recorded their first studio album, distributed over 6,000 samples of their music to new fans and most importantly they earned respect, appreciation and support from some of music’s most accomplished artists. They have also been requested at well known and widely attended music festivals throughout the United States. “The release of their first studio album is the next step in a long line of advances they are sure to make. It is inevitable that the Breadbox Band will continue to grow and expand its fan-base at a rapid pace.” (Jennifer Cosgrove, freelance writer)
For more information please contact Dave Halchak at (201) 572-7402 or visit their website at

The Breadbox Band is composed of five members including Chris Pedersen playing drums, Jordan Simms playing keyboards and harmonica, Phil diGiorgio playing bass, Chris Rinaldi on guitar and Dave Halchak also on guitar. The band members share musical influences such as The Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Nine Inch Nails, Stevie Wonder and Eric Clapton. They have performed at numerous well known venues such as The Stone Pony, The Lion’s Den, The Knitting Factory and Mexicali Blues Café. They have shared the stage with Steve Kimock, Perpetual Groove, Max Creek, Strangefolk, New Riders of The Purple Sage and many more respected artists. - Jennifer Cosgrove, freelance writer

"Sitting Down With the Breadbox Band"

As the Breadbox Band is gearing up for the release of their self-titled first studio album, they take a moment to reflect on their proudest accomplishment so far, the year 2006. The year that perpetuated their progress, brought them tons of new fans and introduced them to a taste of success. Dave Halchak, Phil diGiorgio, Jordan Simms, Chris Pedersen and Chris Rinaldi make up the artistic group that is the Breadbox Band. They have fun on and off the stage, experimenting with sound and musically demanding that people get up and dance.
For a band that officially formed in 2004, it hasn’t taken long for people to look up and pay attention to the progress of this band. They are eager to play and in demand, a winning combination. At the end of 2006 the Breadbox Band can honestly say they have just had their best year to date. They’ve been requested at well known, widely attended music festivals, vastly increasing internet activity on their website and they headlined their first show at Mexicali Blues Café in Teaneck, NJ. The crowds came out with a vengeance offering support and positive energy which is why it’s the band’s favorite show so far.
The Breadbox Band can get comfortable with the feeling of success because it’s sure to keep coming. They set themselves apart by being able to musically reach just about anybody. One of the key reasons as to why this band can appeal to a wide audience is because they each come from a very different musical background. Combining influences such as Phish, Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley and Marilyn Manson brings each fan something to relate to. With the strength of their songwriting and love of improvisation, the Breadbox Band can get any crowd moving and smiling.
According to the band, their success can be attributed to three important reasons. They have always distributed their music in a free form, handing out over 10,000 live discs, making things easier for people to experience their sound. They pride themselves on taking advantage of every opportunity and making the most of it, such as accepting every gig possible and playing their hearts out every time. Last but far from least, the band gives a lot of credit to the strength and responsiveness of the audiences they play for. The steps they have taken have created a solid and loyal fan base of music lovers who will travel any distance to support the Breadbox Band in any endeavor.
Their combined talents, enthusiastic approach, dedication to the music and their appreciation for the fans are the four pillars this band stands upon and is the perfect platform. The release of their first studio album is the next step in a long line of advances they are sure to make. It is inevitable that the Breadbox Band will continue to grow and expand its fan-base at a rapid pace.
So keep your eyes and ears open as this group takes leaps and strides and most definitely winds up in your neighborhood. For more information and a complete tour schedule please visit - Jennifer Cosgrove


the Breadbox Band ( 2007 )



The Breadbox Band is composed of five members who bring more to the creative table than just high quality musical skills. They are changing the face of the “jamband” one show at a time. By infusing their crowds with high spirits and positive energy, the Breadbox Band is cultivating a generation of their peers who are eager to dance, enjoy, unwind and open up.
With an eclectic mix of musical influences from Nine Inch Nails to Bob Marley they appeal to a wide variety of ears. When they come together it’s a sound unlike any other and to say the least, it’s uplifting and inspiring. Each song is different from the next, yet every song is the Breadbox Band. The Northeast is just the beginning for these five emerging artists as they take each venue by storm and collect new fans tune by tune.