The Breakdown

The Breakdown


The Breakdown combines dense rhythm with accesible pop-tones to create songs that can be enjoyed by all audiences whether sitting and listening at home, or dancing at one of the band's live shows.


Listening to the song "One Sweet World" by Dave Matthews charmed Darren M. Santos into picking up an old disgarded guitar in his parents garage. Santos has spent the last 10 years honing his skill and has picked up some valuable influences including (but not limited to): Saves the Day, John Frusciante, and The Pixies. After spending 2 years with the southern Arizona punk legends "The Elemenopees", Santos found himself wanting to make songs that were accessible to a broad audience, yet more diverse than your standard "pop" song.

He has combined electronic beats with melodic bass lines and simple but perfect guitar voicings that create n abstract interpretation of pop, punk and alternative music. Recording all instruments himself has enabled Darren to reach his ultimate vision for what The Breakdown's sound is (which may vary from song to song). Not having an interest in performing live with his laptop of pre-recorded backing parts as a solo artist, Darren has compiled an "all-star" band of Tucson musicians that lends yet another dimension to the interprtation of The Breakdown. Solo shows for The Breakdown consist of Darren, his '6- Epiphone Century and Vibrolux amplifier. Strumming away the intricate rhythms from songs like "Kick the Bucket", Darren's instantly recognizable voice fills in the spaces more than adequately.


Red Room (EP): 2006
The Breakdown (EP): 2005

Set List

45 minute set list (no covers):
-Last Night
-Put Money on It
-Exactly What I Said
-My Room
-Shop Girl
-Kick the Bucket

Sets vary from 45 to 2 hours and depending on venue covers from artists such as: Saves the Day, Dave Matthews, Mike Doughty, Better Than Ezra, Blink-182, Haley Jane, and much more.