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"Music Reviewer"

When planning your first party of the summer, The Breakers DK first North American release, Here for a Laugh, is the perfect soundtrack to keep you and your friends dancing until all hours of the night. Throughout all ten tracks, this band from Denmark showcases their talents in songs that get stuck in your head for hours and would be the perfect addition to any party mix. They are a reminder that life is short and there is nothing wrong with enjoying it and having a little fun.

The Breakers DK’s blend of 60’s influenced rock n’ roll, blues, acoustic and electric guitars and heavy percussion transport the listener into a world where the music is taken seriously, but life isn’t. Their songs range in topics from the power of music to lighten your mood (“Dance the Go-Go”), growing up (“It’s A Jungle Out There”), falling in and out of love (“No Sentimental Rubbish”, “Ups and Downs”), and living life to the fullest. They call for their listeners to clap their hands along with the drums and sing along as they celebrate being young and being free.
Whether dancing around your room, partying in your friend’s backyard after a late night BBQ or singing off key after a few drinks at the bar, The Breakers DK offer a refreshing take on rock n’ roll that is perfect for the co-eds who may be bored by a more commercialized rock that has become increasingly popular. -

"Hydrid Magazine"

The Breakers DK
Here For A Laugh
Funzalo Records

It's not easy to find out who The Breakers are. It probably doesn't help that they share their name with another rock band called The Breakers and that their label's link to the band's website is broken. All you need to know is that The Breakers were formed in Denmark in 2002 and they are full of catchy, punchy rock with some country licks thrown in for good measure. They have a fresh sound, as though they've recently made the jump from bar band gigs to playing bigger venues and they're excited about it. There's an air in the music of a band that knows it's on the way up.

Here For A Laugh kicks off with "Dance The Go-Go" which gives lead singer Toke Nisted a chance to grunt like John Cougar (AKA John Cougar Mellencamp, AKA John Mellencamp, AKA The Coug). The lyrics aren't great but neither are the lyrics to "The Twist" and that's a good song. The rest of the album goes down just as easily and the lyrics get better with each song. "Tried So Hard", "Cold Cold Winter", and "Here For A Laugh" with its "do do do do" chorus, are irresistibly loveable songs. The Breakers do an amazing job boasting strong guitar riffs and their music composition is first-rate.

"Get Lost Get High Get Sick" and "No Sentimental Rubbish" turn from the sugary sweet sound to harder rock with big choruses. At this point, Nisted's John Cougar-style gives way to a Tim Armstrong sound with big choruses and great callbacks.

The album closes with an easy-going track that sounds like a Rolling Stones song you forgot about. It's more than appropriate to close with a song called "Ups And Downs"; another catchy, mid-tempo tune that reflects the band's carefree attitude and is only reinforced by their album title.

-Jon Murray -


2003 - November DK release of single "What I Want"
2004 - January DK release of album "What I Want"
2004 - February DK elease of single "Anyway Around"
2005 - November DK release of single "Dance the Go-Go"
2006 - January DK release of album "Here For A Laugh"
2006 - March DK release of single "Tried So Hard"
2006 - April DK release of single "Here For A Laugh"
2007 - May US/Canada release of album "Here For A Laugh"
2007 - May DK release of single "Hold Mig (Som En Revolver)
2007 - September German release of album "Here For A Laugh"



Long story short:
Once upon a time (the mid-90s) in Denmark, 14-year-olds Toke Nisted (singer) and Anders Bruus (guitar player) met in school and began rocking in the "classic" vein, a la the Faces, the Stones and AC/DC . Yah.

They started hanging out at Copenhagen’s legendary rock spot, Floss, soaking up the stylish rogue rocker mystique and honing their chops. After a few years they booted the other guys they were playing with, replaced them with some guys that shared their motivation to rock, and formed The Breakers. That was 2002.

The basic tone throughout is one of unadulterated rock n roll with plenty of punch and verve, and heavy doses of soul, swing and R&B. Crisp, clear, melodic guitar lines by Anders Bruus and Klaus Højbjerg are driven by the heavy grooving rhythm of Jackie Larsen on bass and Thomas Stølsvig on drums. And Toke’s glam-ass gutter punk vocals conjure Rod the Mod in full Faces glory.

The Breakers released their debut album "What I Want in 2004 and the follow up "Here For A Laugh" has been released in USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark.

In June 2008 The Breakers signed to Wicked Cool Records in New York - run and owned by Springsteen-guitarist and Sopranos start 'Little' Steven van Zandt.

New album will be out early 2009.