The Breakers

The Breakers


The Breakers are a rock group from the Northwest. Influenced by Rock and Jazz, we have formed our own prog/alt rock style. Our major focus is intelligent, powerful guitars, and tight rhythms. Music is an escape, and The Breakers want people to ride into ecstasy with their wild sounds.


The Breakers are an alt-rock band coming to you from the Pacific Northwest with a sound that is fresh, yet enthrallingly familiar. We promise to get your ass up and rockin' out to whatever grooves we're bringing. The Breakers got started in 2003, as more of a garage-rock band, but have recently become a powerful force on the outskirts of Seattle with their own brand of heavy hitting balls-2-tha-wallz rock and an intent to takeover the whole world. We write our own music, we play it without sequencers, our sounds are real, just like the people who listen to them.


Escaping Debris

Written By: Ray Stewart/The Breakers

Verse 1
Engine blazing, tires burn
Don’t wanna fall but it’s my turn
Pedal through the floor
Don’t die on me don’t die on me

Got a gas leak, just passed the station
Far too late to stop running
Running away from the people that
Held me down

Verse 2
Taxi down the runway
All are wheels off
Gonna leave the ground behind
Forsaking every time I lied

Chorus 2
Got a gas leak, just passed the station
Far too late to stop running
Flying away from a world that
Caged itself

What is used to be, is no more
End is gonna come gonna come gonna come
Don’t worry about hitting the wall
Time to start again without a stall

Chorus 3
Got a gas leak, just passed the station
Far too late to stop running
Ripping out the feathers
Of angels’ wings

© 2006 The Breakers All Rights Reserved

Arrows & Hearts

Written By: Ray Stewart

Let me see your eyes
I want to look through them
I want to see and I want to feel
Just like I used to

I see arrows and I see hearts
Every time I close my eyes
I always trust my visions
'Cause you're always there to save me

I used to know everything
About myself
Now all I know is
I see salvation in your eyes

Meant to Be

Written By: Ray Stewart

You know we laughed
We laughed as we dug my grave
We were so much happier then
I said hey its a beautiful day
You smirked and hit me over the head

You see me you saw me
You bite and you gnaw me
I want you I'm crawling
I'm pleading but you are gone
You see me you saw me
You mar and you maul me
Everyone knows we're not meant to be

I woke up with stitches and wounds
You dripped as you made your escape
But nobody followed the clues
At some point we all make mistakes


Our songs have been played well over twenty-thousand times on and we have been visted more than fifteen-thousand times. We have released one 6 song EP, which quickly sold one hundred copies (which was all we made). Our most recent self-prodced 4 song Demo is currently being given out for free at all of our shows, the tracks include Arrows and Hearts, Black Sand, Meant to Be, and the Pallbearer.

Set List

We like to keep things fresh, rarely playing the same set-list twice. We currently have 16 original songs that we play. Our original songs are titled: Arrows + Hearts, Meant to Be, Black Sand, Keep Your Eyes Open, Have Mercy, ...But You're The Devil, Pistol Song, Escaping Debris, Take it All, Visualize, Misery Sings, Still Burning, Persephone, Please Clarify, The Pallbearer and Disarray.