The Breeze

The Breeze


The Breeze with lead singer Staffan Ofwerman (used to be a steady member of the Roxette band for several years). They have released five cd-singles and are all in their 40’s with background as professional musicians for many years. The Breeze is a fantastic live act that suites a wide audience.


Swedish band with a large fanbase all over the world, since the Lead Singer used to be a member of The Roxette band for several years.
The band is recently updated with a new line-up and is ready to take the new show on the road.

The musicians in the band have all been playing behind many of the biggest artists in Sweden for many years. Most of those are only famous in Scandinavia, but to mention two that are famous abroad; The Creeps and Roxette (as an extra bonus we will let you know that the keyboard player once did a gig with Cliff Richard in Australia).

People say the music reminds them of bands like Simple Minds, U2, Duran Duran, Slade and The Hooters. But for The Breeze there are no limits. The band just perform music they love and it seems like the audience like that a lot.

The Breeze is a great live act with great songs that works well in almost every possible place.

The music is positive and so are we.

Enjoy The Breeze


Summer Song
Pretty Little Boogie Woogie Girl
We Take Care
Shine Your Love
Heaven is...

Set List

One set 45-60 minutes with original material, incl. Shine your love, We take care and other great songs by The Breeze.