The Breeze Band

The Breeze Band


Original electric jam band. We like our country w/a little bit of blues wrapped up with rock guitar sounds. We've been enjoying success as a busy live band for 20+ yrs, influenced by Stones, Allmans, Hank, Merle, Muddy and more, hoping being online will get us even more jobs.


The Breeze Band is a first nations group from the Six Nations Reservation located along the muddy Grand River in beautiful Southern Ontario, Canada. Formed in the mid-80's we have weathered a few personnel changes whilst surviving more than 2 decades never losing the heart, soul and core of the band and it's sound. Win, lose or draw The Breeze will always play on as we've established a nice little following that is devoted to live music. Our reputation as a hard rockin' bar band, playing a mix of classic covers and our own originals in the "mud, blood and beer" joints/halls/festivals across Canada/Quebec and parts of the Northern U.S. have suited our style well. Schooled in many genres of music The Breeze have become quite versatile in weaving rock-n-roll, blues and country which can be heard on our first self titled disc "The Breeze Band". This cd contains 9 original tracks written, recorded and payed for completely independently. This band is hoping to turn the page and begin a new chapter, taking our music to the next level in our career. I can write a book about this band and it's humble beginnings, but if you've read this far, you should just take a listen and jump on the tour bus...

Carter Bomberry-Guitars, vocals- The Breeze Band


loaded gun

Written By: R. Miller

Nowadays it's all about the money, if you like it you know you're gonna lose.
Now little girl you been sweet like honey, she's gonna put on her walkin' shoes
But she likes diamonds and she like rings, you know she likes all kinds of things, foreign, domestic, outta this world, only the latest for my lil' girl..
My baby is like a loaded gun
My baby likes to have her fun (x2)

She's a high maintenance automobile, so watch yourself when you're behind the wheel
You'll never ever see her crash and burn, or love a guy like me who never learns
She's like a modern day Calamity Jane,
She'll run you down like a runaway train, who won't think twice, who won't hesitate.
You mess w/her and she'll seal your fate.
She got taste that's bitter sweet, she's a girl who plays for keeps. You can't undo what already done, come on baby I ain't the one...

Road to Eden

Written By: R. Miller

Every mornin', I'm up at five, the plant whistle man, she came cryin'
Can see your breath in the dawn's early light, can't wait to get back undercover w/my baby tonight
(chorus) On the road to eden, on the road to Eden...

I haven't found yet, what I wanna do, but it's a job and it gets us through
Someday I'll save enough and then we'll cruise, and take away my baby's blues
My ol' chevy, she's got the creaks, but that don't mean she's a worn out yet
So don't you worry, honey don't you trip, cuz there ain't nothin' baby I can't fix
Finally the whistle blows, another day, I got nothin' to show, forget the tavern boys, I'm goin' home
Paradise is waitin' for me just down the road...on the road...(chorus)

Beg, borrow and steal

Written By: Matt Minglewood

Baby, I saw you the other night
Baby, you're such an ugly site, cuz you were runnin' w/my rivals on the wrong side of town,
Eveybody knows you been draggin' my poor name down.
You got runnin', and hidin', and peepin' in the drug stores too
I'll tell ya lil' darlin' what I'll do about you
I'm gonna beg, borrow and steal somebody else's love
I'm gonna beg, borrow and steal some love tonight

Baby, I saw you again today
Baby, you were in an aweful way
When 7 come 11 w/the dice on the table
You said we could be lovers, but I don't think we're able
I got my foot on the clutch I just ram it in gear
I got a grin on my face from ear to ear


Written By: R. Miller

She knocked me down w/a sweet southern style w/the way she looked and the way she smiled
She took away took away the air I breath when she walked away like a warm summer breeze
Destiny came down that dusty road
Jaded me right down to my soul.

I tried real hard not to let it show, so I stuck to the shadows like a faceless ghost
I could never let go w/a grip so tight, how she slipped through my fingers that restless night, I don't know
I been there before, but not like this, she could've ruled my world, w/just one kiss...Like this

Rain will come and it'll go, wash the windows to your soul
The sun may come and clear the skies, but still can see a tear in my eyes, don't you know
Rain will come and it will go, wash the windows to your soul


single-Road to Eden is on itunes from the original cd release of our self titled "The Breeze Band" disc. Look for The Breeze Band on 'myspace', that's where you can download up to 5 singles from our self titled disc. Currently recording a 2nd mostly all original disc. stay tuned!

Set List

Set list includes originals-Loaded Gun, Mystify, Woman Like You, Road to Eden, Steel Worker blues, Massena, Soul, Detroit Wheels, True Believer, Valedosa, I Was Wrong and classic covers and jams such as You Don't Love Me(Allman Bros) I Believe in Miracles(Hot Chocolate), Come and Get Your Love (Redbone). Our original tunes mix quite well w/the classic 70's tunes of the like.