The Breezeway

The Breezeway


We love playing high energy shows. "I will sit there and talk to every last - hell, I will be there till two in the morning to make sure I meet every fan" exlaims frontman Roy Henceroth. "It makes you want to turn up the volume and rock out" - Bill Rodgers (The Jambar)


The Breezeway was formed in Salem, Ohio and relocated to Nashville, TN. Influences are Nirvana, Alkaline Trio, Foo Fighters, CCR, and countless others. What sets us apart from other bands is we're self promoted and very successful, but we notice/write/talk to every single person who comes to a show or writes us. There isn't one person who played our song and told us about it that we haven't tried to make personal friends with.


"Surgery For Indie" is the upcoming CD!

Previous releases include: "Chasin' The Dragon", "The Red LP".

Set List

We can play a very wide variety, well. We're proud to say we can have fun together playing (within reason) any type of genre. We can play Alternative such as Nirvana, or play Conway Twitty, can play Neil Young, followed by Twist and shout. Out set list depends where we are playing.