The Breezy Love Joy Band
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The Breezy Love Joy Band


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"The Breezy Love Joy Band"

The Breezy Love Joy Band
The Mint
Los Angeles

Contact: Kareen K. Garner Mgmt, 818-880-0916;


The Players: Brandon “Breezy” Anderson, lead vocals, keyboard; Ben Bradshaw, bass; Greg Garman, drums; featuring Felipe Robles, guitar; Te’ Amir Sweeney, percussion.

Material: With jazz grooves, exotic rhythms and a Michael McDonald-like vocal approach, the Breezy Love Joy Band is a blast of fresh air. And, with artists such as John Legend winning Grammys, this act seems intent on entering the field of soulful jazz artisans. Sophisticated but accessible, the material is full of life and musically mesmerizing –– but not as memorable as it could be due to the jazz-influenced structure. BLJ may want to take a page from Legend, and try to write songs that have more commercial appeal.

Musicianship: The players in this group appear casual, even as they navigate through complex musical changes. They come across very much like a jazz band. Unlike most jazz groups, however, there are no standouts. With BLJ, however, there definitely should be one –– Breezy Anderson. But, Anderson is one with the music and doesn’t ride above it. He may want to give some more thought to rearranging the material, more along the lines of a radio mix.

Performance: This act let the music do the talking and, as the last band on the bill, that was fine. if BLJ aspires to a better time slot, however, the players are going to have to pick up their game by injecting more life into their performance. Otherwise, they’re destined to provide background music for diners. And, the goal should be more than that with players who command their craft this well.

Summary: The Breezy Love Joy Band has a lot going on, and a lot to learn. Musically intriguing, the jazzy material has a cool, airy essence. But, the presentation needs work. For a band with “joy” in its name, there is little evidence of it. Some direction and guidance on how to invigorate a live show would be helpful.

––Bernard Baur

- Music Connnection- written by Bernard Baur


"Question"- Featured on ABC family "Lincoln Hieghts



There are tons of bands out their trying to make it. But what makes this band so unique? It’s the music! The musical arrangement and lyrical content is very unique and fresh crossing all genres. The music has a little of everything, R&B, Hip- Hop, Pop, Alternative and Jazz. It’s different enough to be cool to the younger generation all while sounding unmistakably familiar to a more mature audience