The Breezy Love Joy Band

The Breezy Love Joy Band


With jazz grooves, exotic rhythms the Breezy Love Joy Band is a blast of fresh air. Check out the music at check out my new Project:


There are tons of bands out their trying to make it. But what makes this band so unique? It’s the music! The musical arrangement and lyrical content is very unique and fresh crossing all genres. The music has a little of everything, R&B, Hip- Hop, Pop, Alternative and Jazz. It’s different enough to be cool to the younger generation all while sounding unmistakably familiar to a more mature audience


"Question"- Featured on ABC family "Lincoln Hieghts

Set List

Bands Set is between 45 and 90 minutes long. Songs: Question, Vacation, Marco Polo, Major, Hustle Man, Shake the Ground, Angel, So Much Bigger Now