The Brew

The Brew


The Brew is an original jamband that incorperates a large variety of music into a flowing, dynamic performance. It can be said that they do not sound like any other band. Influences range from classical to psychedelic and all points in between.


The Brew has a very broad style. Their sound is as in depth as the hundreds of influences entwined into this four-man unit. The Brew has brought their sound up and down the coasts of New England to fans young and old. They mix genres including jazz, rock, classical, funk, salsa, bluegrass, bossa nova, and more. One of the main intentions of The Brew is to improvise and mold to whatever energy is in the room at the time. The Brew is very dynamic and performs different setlists from night to night.


The Erasing

Written By: The Brew

Swim through the yard
Cause the world is your home that you live on, no sense of property
Because a man owns as much as a tree. And over the hill, a man smokes what mother has given.
No steam to push the pistons, so no big man can give him resistance.

Look where you are,
that border means more than it used to. Watch out for Great Pale.
He might state that your mothers for sale. The savage he is. He can stab you with the knife he just sold you. And oh what a soldier, cutting highways and blasting through boulders.

It takes years of rain to slowly wash the stains away, and in those years the change came. Cheif never dreamed, but if he did he was of seen the pain. He dread that day and the day came.

Light From Below

Written By: The Brew

"Light From Below" is a musical journey through several emotions.
Since it is over 15 minutes long...we decided to give you the end result of a unique Harvest Fest live recording...hence all the reefer referrences.

The lyrics featured on this recording are:
Watching the grass by the fence-side grow
Smoking the grass high again you know
Yeah we're smokin the weed now

There are several variations of these lyrics throughout...all improv, never discussed or practiced.

Improv Jam > Tom Sawyer

Written By: The Brew > Rush

This improv jam segues from Groovin High', a BREW original.
During the first part of this recording everyone minus the drummer are on different instruments. We actually wrote this (improv rotation jam) into being part of our setlist to see what could happen. We came up with something very cosmic and new. This jam segues into >
TOM SAWYER, a Rush song.

The lyrics featured during the jam are:

You never heard this before
We never heard this before


Tea Time (2003) - 9 tracks - recorded @ BK Studios

Live From EWOK (2003) - 8 tracks - recorded live (opening for Strangefolk)

Deja Brew (2004) - 9 Tracks - recorded @ BK Studios

Set List

We do not have a typical setlist. We typically incorperate many orginals and mix in covers randomly and sometimes in the middle of our originals. Covers range from The Beatles to Rush, Grateful Dead to Michael Jackson.

Here is a setlist from Harvest Fest 04:
Download the audio here ->

Jam > Fly By Night > The Erasing, Frogman, Head Over Heels, GCFNME, Tea Time > Scarlet Begonias > Fire On The Mountain tease > Scarlet Begonias > Tea Time > Safety, Radio Swiss, switch jam,
867-5309, Subliminal Criminal > Mt. Elf, Foreplay/Longtime, Guacemolli > It Stoned Me > Guacemolli, In Your Eyes > Frogman Duece, Gypsy Moon, Everybody's Working For The Weekend, The Book. Encore: Stefon Erkel