The Brew

The Brew


The Brew has gained thousands of fans through their quality original songs. A solid rock base, with heavy influences of reggae, funk, jazz and more. Powerful vocals with lyrics on issues that are relavent to our world today. High energy jams.


Bringing genuine songcraft back to jam music, The Brew are a young (early 20s) and rising quartet of stars who remind one as much of Steely Dan as the Grateful Dead.

Winners of Relix Magazine’s latest Jamoff, voted Best Opening Act of 2006 by the Bruce Hornsby fan site and a featured act at the 2007 Snoe.down festival in Lake Placid, The Brew are generating buzz wherever and whenever they hit the stage.

After winning a standing ovation as openers for Bruce Hornsby and the Noisemakers last August in Lowell Massachusetts, comments from the featured act included these:

J.V. Collier (bassist with Bruce Hornsby and the Noisemakers) "The Brew. These guys sounded great and played some great music. It reminded us of a cross between ourselves and Sting."

And from Bruce himself: "The Brew is very strong."

Thank you Bruce and J.V.!

Then there is the fan buzz: Here are few discerning comments from a recent thread:

"They are the best songwriters in the jam arena. They have an instinctual ability to blend melodies and rhythms that will keep your feet moving, but your mind floating on waves."

* * *

"The Brew ROCKS! I only caught the last 2 songs of their set at the Mercury Lounge (NYC), and they were rockin. Tim Palmieri from the Breakfast joined them for an encore and they busted out Shakedown Street!! It was siiiiick! Like melt your face off sick! They also just won one of Relix' jamoffs. Definitly check these mofos out!"

* * *

"I am a huge supporter of theese guys. They have a very melodic jam style. They aren't your average tons of notes tension/release band. Plus they are amazing songwriters. Expect big things from theese guys in the future."

* * *

"In a segment of the music world where half the bands try to sound like phish, and another chunk spend more time ripping useless scales and trying to impress the technically sound...The Brew is refreshing. They've got a older school mentality it seems, but they also seem to be doing new and original things."

Thank you to our fans!

Here are some vital stats about The Brew:

· The Brew is a young band that is entering their sixth year, with the same personnel. They are a band of brothers, playing with the fiery passion of true believers but with the discipline of the professionals who are committed to each other and to life-long careers in music.

· The Brew vocal sound showcases harmonies in the tradition of CSN, the Beatles and Byrds.

· As a rhythm section The Brew takes care of business, respecting traditions as they carry listeners on an amazing transit of different genres at each show, of Rock, Jazz, Funk, Classical, Reggae, Latin, and even straight Country.
As James Brown said: "You Got To Groove!"

· Dave Drouin (guitar), Kelly Kane (drums), Chris Plante (keyboards) and Joe Plante (bass) can more than hold their own on their instruments, but individual virtuosity never compromises the ensemble approach.

· The Brew have self-produced five CDs in the past four years: Live From Ewok, Tea Time, Deja Brew, Live at the Firehouse, and The Key. They are currently writing and pre-producing their next, as yet untitled, CD.

· They have also made a short film, Poor Charlie Dilsnick.

Through six years, hundreds of gigs, thousands on thousands of highway miles, The Brew is emerging as a focused, inspired rock unit with eyes and ears on a promising present and an even brighter future. For all its legendary hard knocks and sleaze, the music business, after all, has always been a meritocracy.

As one enthusiastic fan puts it:

"The sound may be hard to define, but when you hear it, you know."

"The key is respecting the music," says keyboardist Chris Plante. "We do, and it puts us with the fans. We’re one with them. That’s what it’s all about."


The Flood

Written By: The Brew

That night
The Rain came down
It didnt take long to fill this empty room
The room of doors without a roof
I sat inside didnt bother to move
What is the use of trying to find a way out now?
My head is clogged my mind has drown
I wonder where you are
I know you would dive right in and save me now but its too late I cant be found

My heart of stones will hold me down
This flood was a choice I made
I called on the gods to pour it down
My mind has willed this rain

And as my last breathe left my mouth
I drifted to the floor
slowly down my hands where crossed with thoughts profound
I watched the air rise on up
Floating through the water towards the sky
All in between it will defy
And if the air can do that much
Surely I can rise above this flood
Get on with life pursue this love

My heart of stones will hold me down
This flood was a choice I made
I called on the gods to pour it down
My mind has willed this rain


Written By: The Brew

Places, get in your places
Single file design
U.S. assembly line
Faces, look at all these faces
By the end of junior high
We won't even know what we could have been

Freedom, where is this freedom
They fed us all a dream
It came in the shade of green
And meanwhile,
Everyone's tryin to buy a smile
And that's the reason why
We don't even know what we could have been, oh no!
I said we don't even know what we could have been

Right from day one they told us all
Get good grades and we'll be fine
Get good grades to go to school
Go to school to get a job
Get a job to by a house
Buy a house, a fancy car
Our final days they roll around
We don't even know just who we are
I said we don't even know what we could have been

Places, they put us in our places
They teach us number rhymes,
we'll all forget in time
But creation spans generations
Now tell me one more time
Why we don't even know what we could have been


Tea Time - released 2003 (studio)
Live From Ewok - released 2003 (live)
Deja Brew - released 2004 (studio)
Live From the Firehouse - released 2005 (live)
The Key - released 2006 (studio)

Radio Airplay -

WHEB 100.3 (Clear Channel)

Colby College Radio

WERS 88.9 - Boston, MA

Unity College Radio (Maine)

UNH - Campus Radio

Set List

Eyes of the Giant
Black Train
Light From Below >
Groovin High >
String Theory >
Groovin High >
Light From Below >
Foreplay Longtime**
New Funk
Have To Choose
Chance Reaching

Sets are usually 1hr - 1.5hrs, typically closer to 1.5.