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The Brian Schram Band has released 1 ep called “Skin Deep” and is releasing their first full length record called “Disturbing the Peace” in May of 2007.
The band currently being played on 101 WRIF and 89X in Detroit and many other stations in MI. We are also featured on a national sound track for “ The Russian Specialist” featuring Dulf Lungdren and many other indie films locally.



Not since “Buddy Holly and the Crickets” has the world been ready for a 3-Piece band to set it on its Rock and Roll Ass!! Pure, Raw, American Rock and Roll is delivered by the Brian Schram Band the way it has always meant to be.

“That’s just the way we like it”, Brian Schram proclaims, “Our music is just Raw -- In Your Face, Rock and Roll….That’s all”.

Brian first caught the eye of the American public in 2002 when he was spotted on The Tonight Show, with Jay Leno, when he was the touring guitarist for Atlantic Records’ multi-platinum recording artist, “Uncle Kracker”. Other national television appearances on that tour included The Carson Daly Show and Regis and Kelly to highlight a few. Working ‘round the clock, and touring ‘round the country, Brian learned quickly what it takes to be a professional musician. After a successful tour and a bit more than a year on the road with Kracker, it became painfully obvious that Brian was never meant to be ANYBODY’s backup guitar player. No, this was merely just a springboard for him to do bigger and better things.

Enter: The Brian Schram Band. After voluntarily leaving Uncle Kracker’s band in 2004, Brian set out to do what he had in the beginning, front his own band. But to find out who the Brian Schram Band “is”, you must first learn where the Brian Schram Band has come “from”.

Rewind a dozen years or so. Guitar virtuoso, Joe Satriani, was the musical guest for the night on the Tonight Show and is viewed by a twelve year-old Brian Schram. As Joe shredded the fretboard on his tune “Friends”, Brian was not only hooked, but mesmerized, to the magic produced that night on his television screen.

“That’s what I want to do”, he thought. “The stuff Satch did with that guitar simply blew me away”. Brian recalls. “Someday” he dreamed, “I’ll be on that show playing guitar”.

Immediately Brian began saving all his allowance and spare change to buy his first electric guitar. He thought it’d be easy. In no time at all, he figured he’d be able to play solos like Satch. Quickly, he was educated to the contrary. However, in the small northern-Michigan town of Mancelona, there’s not much to do besides go fishing and chase the few girls that the town had to offer. And at Brian’s age, that was a bit of a stretch. So his time instantly became divided between his two new loves:, teaching himself how to play the guitar, and of course, Fishing! Along with a little help from his “self-taught” father, Brian soon became a master at both. Influenced by the styles, sounds and wizardry of legendary Rock and Blues guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton and the previously mentioned, Joe Satriani -- Brian truly became a student of Rock and Roll.

Meanwhile, about 50 miles away or so, in Flint, Michigan, Dave Dion, a young, Jr. High School student and amateur drummer, picked up his mothers guitar while she was away at the supermarket. Though he didn’t know the first thing about how to play the guitar, or even a simple chord for that matter, Dave began trying to play along with his favorite albums. Without a teacher to show him, Dave figured out how to match the “single notes” of the songs, one string at a time. Thus being the essentials of the Bass.

“Man, this is fun”, Dion remembers, like it was yesterday.

It didn’t take long for him to realize that this was definitely the musical route he was destined to travel, rather than that of playing the drums. The next step for Dave, a new axe!! He began to research all the magazines and local music stores in pursuit of purchasing his first Bass Guitar. Playing quickly became almost natural for Dion. Without ever having a lesson, he developed a musical talent that begs to be noticed.

Fast forward to 2002. Brian Schram sets up to perform at Kenny Olson’s wedding reception at the Union Street Station, in Traverse City, Michigan. Olson, until just recently, was the lead guitar player for rock superstar Kid Rock, who also attended the wedding. Brian and Olson met in the Traverse City area on a few occasions prior to this and developed a bit of a friendship through the mutual respect of musicians. Olson also hails from that area, and it’s hard for quality musicians to not run into each other in a rural, northern Michigan town.

Many bands had performed that night before Brian took the stage. And though none of them were bad by any means, none of them were really even noticed, due to the festivities and goings-on at the party. But all of that changed the moment Brian Schram began to play.
Everyone at the wedding reception, awe stricken and amazed by what they were witnessing on stage, stopped and took notice. By the end of the first song, Bob Ritchie, (a.k.a. Kid Rock), was spreading the word that he wanted to meet Brian.

After Brian’s set, Ritchie approached Brian, shook his hand and told him, “You’re Uncle Kracker’s new guitar player”. Uncle Kracker, who was formerly Kid Ro