The Briar Patch

The Briar Patch

 Rutherford, New Jersey, USA

The Briar Patch is a rowdy rock 'n' roll outfit. They play loud and with soul. They're thick as molasses and twice as sweet.


The Briar Patch came together in early 2009 built from many different other bands. Don't dismiss their shaggy hair and capricorn beards for something antiquated or imitating. The main driving force was to create a band that rocked, and not like in the way that Bon Jovi rocks or KISS but truly anyone could listen to and dig. The "Patch" draws a lot on their no non-sense work ethic to produce a unique sound that can only be described as rowdy, American and honest. Sometimes they get a little funky, sometimes real down home blues, sometimes full out raging rock and roll and a raga or two thrown in for good measure. The fact of the matter is that on any given weekend the Briar Patch is going to play somewhere for someone that's never seen/heard of them and that's what gets them going. They're going to have a good time, the question is, are you?


Stonewall EP (2010)