The Bright Electric

The Bright Electric

 New York City, New York, USA

Remember college radio in early 90s? You know the kind that spawned the likes of The Pixies, Sugar, and The Lemonheads? The Bright Electric will remind you of a time when indie rock was built on the backs of hardwork, an album, and a dream. Before the internet made everything so damn "easy".


The Bright Electric is an alternative/indie rock band based out of Brooklyn, NY. Hoping to capture something that is familiar but entirely their own; The Bright Electric is most influenced by the bands of the 80s & 90s, and strive to emulate a sound that best represents their predecessors without compromise to their own ideas.

Rooted in D.I.Y. ethics; The Bright Electric have recorded/produced/engineered all of their material to date. They build hand crafted boutique style guitar amplifiers, TomCat Amps, to help further customize their own unique sound and tone.

The quality of the song is the most important driving force in this band. Crafting sound is first and foremost, above all; especially when it comes to image or egos.

This is how independent rock music is meant to be played.


Cartography E.P.
Slow Motion Mind E.P.