The Bright Hours

The Bright Hours


We take pride in drawing inspiration from the great rock bands of the past. Many of the bands our parents listened to growing up made a big impact on us, and we'd like to think that our sound combines what we have learned from the greats, with elements that give us a distinctly modern sound.


Over the last several years songwriter Roger Poulin and drummer Michael Guerra have been working together in bands, first a five-piece with electric keyboard and a flair for the theatrical. Later, a three-piece, adding jazz undertones to their still classic rock sound, and finally their current band, The Bright Hours, the culmination of all they have been working for over the past few years. The Bright Hours sees the addition of Sean Carney, a talented song-writer and guitarist, Brian Fernold, an impressive musician who usually makes his home around the bass guitar, but can on occasion be found banging the keyboard, or even beating the heads behind the drum kit. Rounding out the sound is Mr. Nathan Phipps, a jack-of-all-trades, who covers everything from guitar, to percussion, to back-up vocals, even lead vocals on occasion.

Two elements most tie these musicians together. The first is a mutual love and admiration for the classic rock bands of the past. Each member of the band spent countless hours playing old Beatles, Stones, Velvet Underground, T-Rex...albums over and over again, imagining themselves as possible rock gods. Although tastes within the group vary, each member has found an ally in one another, loving the fact that they are playing with guys who simply love to listen to really great music.

The second factor that has bound this band together is a common philosophy for what it means to make music. The Bright Hours love to perform, they love to move an audience with their music, in whatever way they can. The Bright Hours try to leave ego and vanity at the door...they simply love what they do, and if there are people out there that love it to, then that is just fine by them.

This is the essence of who The Bright Hours are. Five guys who think music is always worth making for the sake of music alone.


The Bright Hours are currently clocking some studio time so that they can bring you some jams as soon as possible. In the meantime you can hear us at

Set List

Our sets vary depending on the venue. At Brubergers in Framingham, MA, for example, where we may be asked to fill three hours, it is not uncommon for us to play several sets, of perhaps 7-8 songs each, while inviting some of our musician friends to play mini sets in between. At a show like this we may play close to 50/50, covers and originals, because at this venue people really get into hearing covers.

A normal show for us, however, would be around 8-11 songs, perhaps 1 or 2 covers. The cover is likely to be a classic rock song (past covers include songs by the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Go, Creedence, etc.) Our songs are mostly between 3 and 4 minutes. Originals include:

Moon to Moon
This is Love
I Wanna Be There
The Pull
Tremble and Rumble
Diamonds and Daises
And many more...