The Bright Midnight

The Bright Midnight

 Portland, Oregon, USA

The Bright Midnight is here to bring the spirit of Rock n Roll back to its rightful throne. If it takes a war we have the musical arsenal to win it. People of all ages and tastes love our music. Anything we put on track is amazing but won't compare to the energy of our live shows. We are who we are.


The Bright Midnight is a Rock/Fusion group based out of Portland, OR. Formed in December of '09 through long nights of partying, a townhouse and lots of fun. We decided the drinking team had a music problem. So we formed a band. After 2 months we released our first EP consisting of 7 songs. Since then we have been playing a lot of shows in and around the Portland/Metro Area. We have made some noise and have started to gain a decent following. Recently we have been in the studio working on new tracks to release a full length album and start touring! We have an unmatched energy on stage that draws in and captivates audiences of all ages and tastes. We are who we are and it is what it is.


"The Bright Midnight" by The Bright Midnight
A 7-track EP Demo released Feb. 2010

tracks "Foreign Lady" and "Fine" have made it into airplay on the "locals hour" of Rock 101.1 KUFO "Portland's rock!" station