The Brightwings

The Brightwings


Based in Boston, this indie band has landed songs on The CW, MTV and E! Network. "Well crafted, melodic rock songs with lush vocal harmonies"


Based in Boston, The Brightwings consist of three singer/songwriters: Matt Rafal, Dave Dombroski and Dan Holden. Jayme Tardiff rounds out the line-up on drums. Their name is taken from an episode of the television show "The Wonder Years," which was set in the late 60's and early 70's. The Brightwings are influenced by that same era, hinting at the honest and simple sounds of The Eagles, CSNY, Tom Petty and Lynyrd Skynyrd. The band incorporates this nostalgic vibe into their songwriting, creating modern songs with a classic rock feel. Three part vocal harmonies, acoustic guitars and heartfelt lyrics are all key elements of the Brightwings sound.

Together for less than two years, The Brightwings have shared the stage with Matt Nathanson, Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers, Nada Surf, The Damnwells, The Alternate Routes and Braddigan of Dispatch.

The Brightwings' music can be heard on various television shows, including:
CW's "Life Is Wild" (All I Need)
MTV's "Real World / Road Rules Challenge" (All I Need)
MTV's "Real World Denver" (All I Need)
MTV's "Real World Sydney" (All I Need)
E's "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" (Far From Shore, All I Need)
MTV's "NEXT" (Mallory, All I Need)
FOX25's "Morning News" (All I Need)

The band's love of harmony vocals led to various performances of the national anthem at pro sporting events in the past year. This included The Boston Celtics, The Washington Wizards, The Uconn Huskies, The Boston Red Sox and the Baltimore Orioles.

The Brightwings’ debut album, Stay, is a self-produced gem of eight songs that let the band’s vocal and musical talent shine through. In addition to the four regular members, David Lamoureux of the band Augustana played keyboards on “Can’t Stand Me.”

Quotes about The Brightwings' "Stay":

"Layered harmonies drive infectious chorus melodies over guitars and piano...the evenhanded sincerity of the songwriting adds a vital element that separates the group from other acoustic acts." - Travis Smith, The Boston Metro

"With acoustic guitars blazing and lush three-part harmonies, "Stay" emerges as a timeless statement. " - Tom Semioli,

"The Brightwings have a classic charm lost in the present day world of glamour and pretense. The album is timeless, catchy, and completely radio friendly...harmonies that could make a church choir jealous." - Sherri Prunier,

"Anyone who has ever liked bands like the Eagles or CSNY is going to find something they like about the Brightwings. Every song is catchy." (4 out of 5 stars) - Mike Farley,

"Through all of the harmonies and acoustic based progressions, it's really the multi-part vocals and well-written lyrics that help The Brightwings shine" - Highway Boots,

"The harmony vocals are as professional as anything done by The Eagles." - Kaj Roth,

The Brightwings are talented rock n' roll soldiers whose knack for crafting, indeed sculpting a pop-rock song is daunting" - J-Sin,


"Stay" debut 8 song ep, released in January of '07