The Brightwood Motion

The Brightwood Motion

BandAlternativeNew Age

ambient, colourful, different from the norm. Classic Influences (rochmoninoff, enescu) as well as influences by bands like the strokes, pink floyd, the mars volta, the beatles, and opeth very colourful and visual


Well we are all attending major universities to achieve our Major in Music and the arts that sorround it, we have all been a large group of friends for about 8 years now, and music revolved around our life. Our influences are those who have made a difference in the music scene (pink floyd, the strokes, the mars volta, the beatles) and we try to walk their footsteps with a little bit of 'novelty' behind it. What I mean by that is, we are a very fluent/ambient band and have a very conceptual feel--and we try to make our sets flow non stop.


NTC EP (first band) 8 tracks none online, however I can upload them in no time
TBWM EP - 3 tracks 30 minutes, not online at the moment, however I can upload them in no time.

Set List

Our setlist usually consists of 5-7 songs, but our songs are fairly long (some 6-8 minutes) and we also progressively jam from one song to the next in an organized pattern.