The Brimstones

The Brimstones


Satanic surf & garage combining trashy punked up 60's soul and garage rock with demonic surf ditties. With an energetic live show complete with flying instruments, limbs & members, and not to mention matching outfits, the Brimstones are something not to be missed.


Born in the summer of 1998, the Brimstones have lured hundreds of sinners into their clutches with the promise of true rock & roll salvation.

Transcending the trappings of a mere “rock show”, the Brimstones make each performance an event of biblical proportions - their legion of faithful followers and a wake of wreckage can attest to that.
The Brimstones inject instrumental and beat music with manic energy, taking the “surf & garage” standard to depths unfathomable. Sacrificing both personal safety and vintage instruments, they shove an evening of rhythm & blues inspired chaos down their audiences’ throats

For those willing to stand close to the commotion, there’s bubblegum hooks and greasy dance steps (Original Sin, Cloven Hoof Stomp), creepy graveyard scares (Abandon All Hope Ye Who Surf Here), snot-nosed 60’s punk (Baby Gets Around and Voodoo, Hex & Shake It), and a little blue melody to drown your soul in (A Minute to Live, A Second to Die and This Side of the Other Side).

The Brimstones’ message has converted members of all faiths and denominations including garage, punk, psychobilly, ska, surf, hardcore, klezmer, indie rock...and everything in between. They’ve shared pulpits and congregations with the Cramps, the Damned, the Nekromantix, the Slackers, Dick Dale, Demented Are Go, Dexter Romwebber, Against All Authority, the Woggles, the Black Lips, the Independents, Kings of Nuthin’, the World/Inferno Friendship Society & the Chelsea Smiles – to name just a few.

The Brimstones’ mark has been burned into such well known stages as Irving Plaza, BB King’s, CBGB’s, the Stone Pony and Maxwell’s and at festivals like Cavestomp, Heavy Rebel Weekender, Big New York Psychobilly Rumble and TrentonFest. And for those not on the social gadfly tip, the Brimstones have performed on the airwaves of radio stations such as WFMU, as well as having live performances streamed, archived and released on CD by eMusicLive (for those who are slaves to the machine).

Devoted Brimstones followers hold positions in some of the best publications around, including Rue Morgue (“...the lunacy of ‘60 surf punk and...Saturday morning horror matinees....Choose Brimstones or perish in salvation”); The Rutgers Review (“[Satan’s Crate] will make like a fool”); The Continental (“These are classics...”); Phil Dirt, Surf’s Up, WKFJC says “Evil & destabilizing...driven like a Hammer film”. As a testament to truth in advertising, Asbury Park Press: “If you haven’t seen the Brimstones live, you should shoot yourself in the face!”

What kind of rock & roll tent revival could inspire such loyalty amongst its followers? Up front is organ player/singer/chaplain the Deacon, grinding keys & vocal cords until his blood decorates the stage. To his left is the Brain, pushing Fender amps & his fingers beyond the point of ruin. Holding up the bottom end is Pogo, who digs such a deep groove with his bass that he ends up neck deep in trouble. Rounding out this circle of ceremony is Tommy Q-Ball, so hopped up on the skins that he can’t sit down if his life depended on it...though yours just might.

As the music scene thrives, the Brimstones are stealing it for themselves, one soul at a time. If the end comes tomorrow, will you be saved? The choice is yours...either get burned or get lost!!!


Satan's Crate [7"] 1999
Spend Eternity with the Brimstones [CD] 2002

Set List

Basic Setlist (ranges from 30 to 70 minutes):

Usually Includes:

Original Sin
No One Can Shut Me Down
Minutes to Live, Seconds to Die
Abandon all Hope, Ye Who Surf Here
Baby Gets Around
Voodoo, Hex, and Shake It
Cloven Hoofed Stomp

Ain't No Friend of Mine - The Sparkles
99th Floor - The Moving Sidewalks
That's the Bag I'm In - The Fabs
He's Waitin' - The Sonics
Steppin' Stone - Monkees/Paul Revere & the Raiders

Alternate Songs:
Diablo Zero
Ghost a Go Go Show
Trick Bag
Little Red Riding Hood
This Side of the Other Side