The Brittanys

The Brittanys


The Brittanys are a musically ambitious rock band that draws inspiration Pink Floyd, Jeff Buckley, and Led Zeppelin. In their quest to deliver transcendent performances, The Brittanys showcase musical virtuosity and tasteful songwriting.


Josh Schroeder and Charles Altura met briefly in high school when they were commissioned to perform as part of an ensemble. Eight years later they reconnected in Los Angeles with a common creative vision and began collaborating. Soon after, they began playing and recording with Kevin Kanner (drums) and Tim Archer (bass) as The Brittanys. Their first EP is a kaleidoscope of imagery and sound, spanning the extremes of minimalism and controlled chaos under the umbrella of timeless rock.


The Brittanys EP (to be released January of 2010)

Set List

1. Archetype
2. River and the Void
3. Sickroom Needs
4. Gateway Drug
5. Foliage
6. Celestine
7. Medieval Marches
8. Like a Setting Sun
9. Pretty Maid
10. Siren's Song
11. No Colors in the Garden

1. Greenday - When I Come Around
2. Led Zeppelin - Over the Hills and Far Away
3. The Flaming Lips - Fight Test