The Britt Lloyd Band

The Britt Lloyd Band

 College Station, Texas, USA

Original music, creatively written lyrics, unique sound, with the best, high energy stage shows around. Mixing rock and country, tBLB is played on TX Music radio, CMJ National College Radio, Pandora, Spotify, etc.


When the Britt Lloyd Band merged in 2003, the thirst for new, edgy, and intriguing music in Texas and the South was on the rise. Despite a market attraction to a mainstream sound across Texas, both rock and country music resided in tBLB's bones. The crossroad of the two served as a rendezvous point for the bands gathering. Thus, the answer that so many looked for in a new and innovative sound, found its home in the ears of a fast growing number of tBLBs listeners.

Today the Britt Lloyd Band continues to maintain a harmonious tie between country and rock, they continue to attract droves of faithful fans through both touring and radio. With the release of the debut record "Unlabeled" in early 2006, the singles "Chokin On Air and "Day in Day Out" made leaps up the Texas Music Charts, rising to within the top third of the charts. Fans have their opportunities to witness tBLB's energy packed shows at many major venues and events around Texas. The new and energetic sound that the group offers,says they are quick to entertain.

Equipped with a commanding voice, catchy guitar hooks and riffs, and creative songwriting; Britt fronts an experienced ensemble composed of hard-driving, steady drums, technical tasteful bass lines, and filling harmonies that will leave fans starving for the encore. Sharing the stage and working with artists such as Jack Ingram, Kevin Fowler,Charlie Daniels, Bob Schneider, Jason Boland, Stoney Larue, Charlie Robison, Cory Morrow, Randy Rogers, Wade Bowen, Eli Young, Bleu Edmonson, and Mickey and the Motorcars, tBLB continues to put skins on the wall and establish itself as a more household name. With sweeping momentum, new sponsorships, and enthusiastic backing, the Britt Lloyd Band is quickly gaining the reputation and clout that guarantees them not to disappoint or lose speed any time soon.

tBLBs sophomore, much anticipated, new album, "The Ink" , had a pre-released hit single "That Kind" which stayed on the Texas Music Charts for 34 weeks. Three singles were released and on the TMC charts off album "The Ink". "Trust Song" and "Chrome '89 DeVille" were also in the top 50. In addition 'The Ink" was released on CMJ with great reviews in Maine, NY, Arkansas, and many other States.

The third album release date was 2/5/13. There are 6 live tracks and lots of new material. The new album "Conglomeration" debuted in the top 5 Best Sellers for Lonestar Music.

In addition to musical talent of the band, these guys are down to earth and easy to approach. Come out to the shows and see what it's all about.

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Written By: Britt Lloyd

You woke up scared now
Baby it's alright
You're with me now and it's OK

Maybe a bad dream
About last night
You're with me now and we're OK

Like the 4th of July
Like the 4th of July
Like the 4th of July
I'd light up your sky
No other day could be as good
as this night
Fill your heart with bright flashing lights
The 4th of July

Argument started over something
Something so small it could not be
Felt inside with let out emotions
But my emotions are taking over me


This day is over but it's the beginning
Begining of everything we can have
I'll show you love like theres no tomorrow
And tomorrow show you over again.


Like the 4th
Like the 4th
Like the 4th

Julie Again

Written By: Britt Lloyd

Julies heart had taken a beating
She was out to find something more
Something more than she'd been settling for
Julies' not settling anymore

Going out tonight to prove she's someone else
Not gonna be any push over
Been pushed over, then settled for another
Julies got no fear left on her shoulders

She's in her tight clothes again
You can see her makeup on her skin
But she ain't out to find no man
She just wants to be Julie again

Seems like forever since she felt this way
Because it's truth it has
You know it has, and she won't let it pass
She's making sure, they all can kiss her ass.


Looks like Julie has found herself
She finally found her way back
Her way back, to that girl that he attacked
Thank God the old Julie is finally back

Chrome '89 DeVille

Written By: Britt Lloyd

Like a silver bullet screaming across the land,
Don't worry bout us,be there as fast as we can,
Have your doubts, worry if you will
Nothing gonna stop this chrome '89 DeVille,
Leave the dricw in hurrican cloud of smoke,
Trust me boys this ain't no damn joke,
Feel the wrath of this V8 up your spine,
Hop in for a drive, in Big Al's ride

Crusin in our Chrome '89 DeVille
We listen to (Jim Croce ) when I'm behind the wheel
Everyone we pass wants to know how it feels,
It's a heart attack Cadillac sureal '89 DeVille.

Like a mama jama rebel we don't care,
We make the goody goody boys in Texas pull out their own hair,
She'll speak for herself ,so I don't even have to say,

I'm -
CHORUS: (w/ Larry Joe Taylor)

You'll hear the screams coming from miles around
This not so shabby chrome caddy comes to your town.


Dresser Drawer

Written By: Britt Lloyd

Break my heart, take, it all the way this time
Don't stop, till,it all is completely gone
I'll get along

Need, is a thing, I seem, to do without
The fact, can't satisfy the want.
It is completely gone. I'll get along

Without you ,never needed to,always
Had you in my dresser drawer.

Framed, a reminder, instilled, in blessings from the past
Haunts me, it'll never be, completley gone.
I'll get along

Without you, never needed to ,always had you, in my dresser drawer
Without you, never needed to. always had you, in my dresser drawer.
Without you, never needed to. I had you in my dresser drawer.

That is not what you wanted
I gave you everything I had
I am not what you need, you have now everything I had.

Break my heart. Take it all the way this time.
Don't stop till it all is completely gone.
I'll get along

Without you never needed to , always had you in my dresser drawer.
Without you never needed to, always had you in my dresser drawer.
Without you never needed to. I had you in my dresser drawer.


"Conglomeration" new album now available with very favorable reviews. Debuted in the top 5 for Lonestar Music.

New Abum "Conglomeration" release date 2/5/13
Live tracks and original studio tracks. Will be available with itunes, rhapsody, amazon, and all the major digital companies.

Britt Lloyd produced former Texas A&M Quarterback Jerrod Johnson's single & video
the video can be viewed @

New Video "Just Go" (over 1000 hits first week) 8.26.2010

Britt Lloyd produced Brian Coy's debut album "Pieces"
Britt Lloyd produced Ben Schane's freshman CD, with great reviews (2010)

The Britt Lloyd Band:

Album "The Ink": CMJ#2 West Barnstable,MA
CMJ#12 m3radio NY,NY . & KCAC East Camden, AR 8/31/09

Selected 9th Annual NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International) / CMT songwriter contest for song "7/4" ( June '09)

Artist of the Month Texas Music World (7/06)
Artist of the Month Texas Red Dirt (06, 09)

Album "Unlableled"
Roots Music Report #17
Chokin On Air= # 24 on Texas Music Chart
#17 on TRR Chart
#60 top 100 played songs 2006 TRR
Day in Day Out= #22 on Texas Music Chart
#92 top 100 played songs 2007 TMC

Album "The Ink"
"Chrome '89 DeVille": TRR, TMC= #39
"That Kind" = #22 Texas Music Chart
#13 TRR Charts
On charts 34 weeks
#69 TMC top 100 songs 2008
#61 TRR top 100 songs 2008
"Trust Song" #38 TRR Chart
#41 TMC

Artist of the Week = Texas Music Chart Magazine
Video of the Week = Texas Music Chart 7/14/08
Artist of the Month = Texas Red Dirt Music 8/08
Interview of the Month 8/08 =

#1 most requested song= Radio Free
"Just Go" 11/24/08 , album "The Ink"

"Weekend" #1 most downloaded song on album
Unlabeled, with i-tunes

Set List

Day in Day Out, 7/4, Chokin' On Air, Down The Aisle, Ride on, Dresser Drawer, That Kind, R&R Sins, Change to Grow,etc
The Band can play 2-4 hours with breaks
90% originals.10% covers.(Covers by Drive By Truckers, Will Hoge, Todd Snider, MIke McClure Band, etc.)