The Broadcast

The Broadcast


The Broadcast is a high-energy, full-on rock experience. Their powerful vocals, charging baselines, and inspired solos are only some of the many elements that make them such a great band. Their wide range of influences and hard-working attitude make them a popular members of the Toronto indy scene.


The Broadcast was initially formed as “Kings” in 2004, a young band out of Bloor West in Toronto. The founding members included Matt Warry-Smith (Vocals), Jim McDonald (Guitar), Hugh McDonald (Guitar), Patrick Merner (Bass), and Ethan Smith (Drums). From the basement of Smith’s home in High Park, the band wrote “Home Planet” and “Safeguard Man” among others, and began to develop the distinctive sound they are well known for today. After gaining popularity and a diverse fan base by playing notable venues in Toronto from the “El Mocambo” to “The Reverb” the band made some line-up changes in an effort to improve their cohesiveness as a group and overall sound. In 2007, Patrick Merner and Hugh McDonald left the group to pursue other opportunities, and Andrew Dalamba (Bass) and Michael Sniderman (Guitar) were added to the band. This new arrangement fostered the creation of The Broadcast’s first demo, and a local tour. The band worked extremely hard in their home studio, writing, producing and preparing for shows. After almost two years, The Broadcast had established a reputation among their fans as a great band to see live, and among promoters as hard-working, professional musicians. In 2008, Michael Sniderman left the band and was replaced by Lewis Lott, which gives us their current instrumentation. This tight-knit group has performed countless times in their short time together, and brings in crowds of hundreds wherever and whenever they play. They recently debuted their new line-up at the Horseshoe Tavern to resounding success, and look forward to continuing along their high-set trajectory to rock & roll popularity within the Canadian independent music scene.


The Broadcast - Demo (2007)

The Broadcast - "In A Letter" EP (2008)

Set List

The Broadcast typically plays a set of 45 minutes to an hour, incorporating about 10 songs. This set generally includes selections from their most recent EP, occasionally covers, and past singles.