The Broadway Bullies

The Broadway Bullies

 Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

The Broadway Bullies are a
rock band. A rock band with a funky hip hop twist on the vocals. And
huge choruses. They really love playing music.


Originally from Vancouver, BC. The Broadway Bullies have given up all their earthly possessions to bring their original brand of gritty rock/hip-hop to California, (and beyond!)

The Bullies are currently hard at work on their debut album with local producers Mike Plotnikoff and Igor Khoroshev. The record is scheduled for release in spring and will showcase rock and roll, funk, and The Bullies signature hip-hop vocals.

In addition to an Imminent record, The Bullies have recently completed a cross-country tour in Canada



Ghost on Parade

Written By: Angus McNeilly

well boys, we hit the stars tonight,
the suns been up for hours but the night is still ours, for a while.
high as the music goes,
quieter and quieter, lord the quiet shows.

I know - im coming down,
howabout you?
fill my parachute.
if the heat, rushes from my blood my bones my feet.
wake me from this dreamless night,
the beat of the drum - haunting the night
like a ghost on parade - traded my sould at the trap door house today.

even if the heightening fear will pull me down.
even if the bombardiers release the hounds, drop the bombs
and its do or die, I’ll die as long, as long as I -

I barely recognize the ground on which I dig my toes into,
im the newest version of the man I caught and grown into.
thrown me to the lions but it seems they’ve had they fill,
so I stayed with the pride and joined the kill.

I know - im running
round the outside of my mind,
got no time, to dive on in.
all alone, im together , blood skin and leather
I feel a little better lord still.
me and mine, who will host me?
devils wine, who will toast me?
Im cryin’ listen closely, closely. Closely yea.


Ms. Ellaneous

Written By: Angus McNeilly

Any time any place
dime a dozen face - she has so many.
In a matter of taste - she’s a flavour queen she has so many.

I know when im
globe trottin’ and hotel robe robbin I’ll meet her round a million times,
changing faces I the light of the street, all her features are obsolete.

that woman’s chasng the bus, ill bet she’ll beat us there my ms.ellanios.
cause f she don’t ill go hungry
I need my fix I need some women to love me.

Ms. Ellanious, there’s a broadway bullie wanna test his luck on you.
I love the way that she love me, in whosever skin she may choose.

All over the world, will you follow me
fell in love with versatility
Vancouver japan, down in new Orleans,
Love the way that she surprises me.


When in Rome

Written By: Angus McNeilly

Can you feel it, the pressure from the depths will crumble you.
in through the alter now baby, no if ands or maybes, who are you?
as they smile , a pistol guides your back you walk the line,
no different views well how bout angles, from a misguided angel,
Who am i?

well maybe im just another,
from your cookie cutter,
fellas join the fire, I got a rhyme.
when in rome, but rome is not my home,
If im not alone, ill shed this skin of mine.

See the blood dripping down
from mountain peaks and beaks of doves, I find -
a couple a dozen times lately, see power used greatly, where is mine?
on an island, stalking for food while all is blind.
im hitting the dusty road fellers, to this world im kellar
peace of mind.


Marching army, though my town don’t stop and look around.
keep your distance, tread light.

My resistance bears a fight.
From the dawn to the dead of night.


Chorus X2


In the works!

Set List

Epic Song
Train Kept a Rollin' (Tiny Bradshaw cover)
Ride Home
Beer & Cigarettes
Welcome to the Jungle (G'n'R cover)
When in Rome
Ms. Ellaneous
The Portugese Breakfast