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The Brokedown



The Brokedown formed during the hot and dusty Los Angeles summer of 2004. After Ross Flournoy headed west from Austin, TX, where he’d spent two years writing three minute bursts of longing, regret and good, old-fashioned lechery. Once there, he reunited with Floridian Rob McCorkindale (drums) and united with his Connecticut Yankee of a kindred spirit, Dan Iead (lead guitar/pedal steel). Thus The Brokedown was born; soon after the band added Brian Whelan (keys/bass) to form its current core.

Since the band broke upon the ears of a grateful, and parched, city, they’ve been playing to packed houses across it – from Spaceland to the Viper Room to The Troubadour – sharing the stage with such artists as Evan Dando, the Gourds, the Rosebuds, Portastatic, Grand Champeen, and power-pop doctor, Jason Falkner (ex-Jellyfish, Air, Travis, Beck), who recently invited the band to open for him at a rare live appearance at Spaceland.

Combining elements of alt-pop, old-country, and straight-ahead rock and roll, The Brokedown create a catchy sound all their own – new, warm, and unpretentious; as Falkner kindly put it, they’re “not post-anything.” Their many new fans seem to agree, and, happily, some of those fans work in radio; the band has enjoyed considerable airplay on Los Angeles’ Indie 103.1 FM, Santa Clara’s KSCU 103.3 FM, Memphis’ WEVL 90FM, and numerous internet stations, including, where Anton Newcombe (Brian Jonestown Massacre) has played the band on his weekly show.

What do these DJs spin? Well, the band released its debut EP, The Dutchman’s Gold, on May 24, 2005; four weeks later, sales of the record hit #1 at L.A.’s Sea Level Records, where it stayed in the top 10 for five weeks; the single “Down in the Valley” was also one of the top 25 most played tracks on for the month of August. Rave reviews continue to appear in print, as The Brokedown was recently featured in the Los Angeles Times and Amplifier as well as the January 2006 issue of HARP (see attached Praise page for more, well, praise).

The band toured the East Coast in February 2005, playing to capacity crowds at New York’s Luna Lounge and Boston’s Middle East; The Brokedown look forward to touring the east coast and the south in November – opening at various points for Dios (Malos), Swords, and The Dreadful Yawns – in support of The Dutchman’s Gold.


The Dutchman's Gold (EP) - released May 24, 2005

"Down in the Valley," "Sparks," "Dignity," and "My Love is True" have been played extensively on Indie 103.1 FM and KXLU 88.9 FM in Los Angeles, WRVU 91.1 FM in Nashville, KSCU 103.3 FM in Santa Clara, CA, WEVL FM90 in Memphis, TN,,, and

The Brokedown are currently mixing their debut LP.