The Broken Beats

The Broken Beats



Some late evening on a German country road, ”die polizei” stops an old band bus. It is crowded with musicians, fans, instruments and stinking with beer. The driver is a skinny guy wearing three suits on top of each other. It is The Broken Beats escaping from a concert. The police pulls the driver out of the bus and… 20 minutes later the rest of the band checks what happened to their driver and front man Kim Munk. But he is not handcuffed – he is in the police car playing his latest record to the police, who – before they release Kim Munk – gets a CD and gets photographed with the band. The front man in The Broken Beats is the charismatic songwriter, guitarist and singer Kim Munk. The band is the product of Kim Munk’s idea of an unperfected band. It is a band of no limitations, with space for musical and human errors, a band for everyone – and most importantly a band where Kim Munk can be who he really is. In the spring 2001 in Aarhus Kim Munk forms a group of musicians for his new band The Broken Beats. The concerts are unpredictable, some times the band performs as a classic rock trio – at other times 17 musicians appears on stage. The concerts are the mixture of fireworks and pain that is also reflected in the music and quickly it attracts a loyal group of supporters in Aarhus. It does not matter whether Kim Munk performs in a goat-suit or in a tight rock t-shirt – his songs stands reliable. The Broken Beats records a CD, and quickly signs up with a German record company. But then everything slows down. The release is delayed, the energy of the band is decreasing and the members drop out to work with other bands (e.g. PowerSolo, JuniorSenior and Carpark North). Kim Munk restarts and finds new musical playmates and with fine reviews of the first CD and the successor The Broken Beats work their way through Germany, Holland and Austria. In two years The Broken Beats wear down three band busses – and at the end they wear each other down too. Kim Munks dream of the unperfected band bursts in beer, motor oil, broken propeller shafts, absinth, fistfights and lovesickness. One year later The Broken Beats are revived – right now the Danish national radio is promoting their song Essentials and the third album “In the ruin for the perfect” is released autumn 2006.


2001 - A world is coming to a town near you (never officially released)
2003 - The weather beats the rythm (Hazelwood Music) 2005 - Them codes…them codes (Hazelwood Music) 2006 - In the ruin for the perfect (Buback Tontrager)