The Broken Knives

The Broken Knives


Haunting female vocals over cinematic, experimental goth rock with film score aspirations.


Once in a great while, a retail job CAN lead to greater pursuits. Bassist Louie Husted met drummer David Ramm working in the music department of Barnes & Noble, where they decided to form a band shortly after meeting. Both veteran Seattle musicians, they set out to create a startlingly diverse and dark sound, fusing the post-punk howl of Siouxsie and the Banshees and the gauzy shoegaze glory of Slowdive with the icy majesty of John Carpenter's film scores. After several guitarists, six-string salvation was found in Steve Samuelson. Louie immediately asked lifelong friend Morgan Chosnyk to be their vocalist, though she'd never been in a band before. The gamble was a smashing success, Chosnyk stunned the band and herself with her frenetic vocals and commanding stage presence. After hearing the song "Nailgun", the band was noticed and praised by local paper The Stranger before they played a single show. Shortly after the Broken Knives began terrorizing audiences in clubs and bars across Seattle with their intense live shows, playing with The Intelligence, Wavves, Witch Hats, Dream Date, Telepathic Liberation Army and a host of other
(inter)national and local acts. Eventually, The Broken Knives blazed through a set on Seattle's independent music mothership KEXP 90.3 after receiving significant airplay of songs "Nailgun" and "Making Enemies." The band recently completed their debut full-length with producer Steve Refling, recorded in Seattle and Los Angeles over the course of 2009.


THE BROKEN KNIVES (self-released CD, 2009)

1. Nailgun
2. Frame X Frame
3. Mt. Murder
4. House With Laughing Windows
5. Do You Still See Me?
6. Dream About A Car Wreck
7. Fight Night
8. Sincerely
9. Making Enemies
10. Epilogue

Nailgun, Dream About A Car Wreck and Making Enemies have all received airplay on KEXP 90.3

Set List

1. Frame X Frame
2. Nailgun
3. Do You Still See Me?
4. Glitterhoof
5. Mt. Murder
6. Dream About A Car Wreck
7. Making Enemies
8. Wolf In A Glass House
9. House With Laughing Windows
10. Fight Night
11. Epilogue