The Broken Spokes

The Broken Spokes


The Broken Spokes combine the best elements of classic country, rockabilly, and surf rock music to create a high-energy music experience. The band offers a modern update to the best rock and country from the 50s and 60s.


The Broken Spokes got together in 2004 to bring their unique blend of surf rock, country, and rockabilly to the city of Atlanta and the world. Taking ideas from Elvis, Cash, Link Wray, and The Two Dollar Pistols, the band is first and foremost about rocking out. They have played a variety of local venues from The Earl to the Clarkston Surf Festival and can be entertaining in almost any setting

Set List

Example Set:

Six Days On the Road
End of an Era
3 Surf Kings
(All the Lights in) North Carolina
Guitars, Cadillacs
Peffrey in my Pants
Don't Cheat on Me
Writin' Letters
Honky Tonk Smells Like Death
Surf of the Rising Sun
Truck Drivin' Man
Tiki Rustler
Prom Queen
Dead Flowers