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The Bromwell - Diehl Band

Newport, Kentucky, United States

Newport, Kentucky, United States
Band Pop Rock


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The best kept secret in music


"Still rockin' after all these years"

'So you wanna be a rock 'n' roll star... just get an electric guitar and take some time and learn how to play. And when your hair's combed right and your pants are tight it's gonna be all right.'' -The Byrds

The Byrds were dripping with irony about their rock star advice, but try telling that to a teen-ager who straps on a guitar for the first time.

The Bromwell-Diehl Band releases its new CD, ''Through My Eyes,'' available at Borders Books, Barnes and Noble and Joseph-Beth locations.
The group plays a CD release party at 9 p.m. May 12 at the York Street Cafe, Newport. Opening act, Ryan Adcock ($4). Information: http://www.bdbonli

Usually with age musicians admit the obvious, that becoming a rock star is a unique combination of talent and dumb luck. Many musicians in the baby boomer generation -- the first generation raised on rock -- long ago realized they won't be rock stars.

But many veteran rockers are finding making music is still viable and enriching and that rock isn't just a young musician's fancy. For many Cincinnati artists, who long ago forgot about the big recording contract, the music is actually more satisfying now that the pressure is off to ''make it.''

Take the case of the Bromwell-Diehl Band. The fortysomething combination of a funeral director, a music teacher, a computer technician and a Covedale mom is making some of the best adult pop rock in these parts.

The group is a perfect example of what happens to over-40 rockers who stick with it: They often make better rock 'n' roll.

Bromwell-Diehl releases its new CD, ''Through My Eyes,'' Tuesday. It's full of bittersweet love songs and moving stories of lost hope, regrets and redemption. And it rocks plenty with searing electric guitar, richly layered with acoustic guitar and occasional horns. It's a CD with poignant and perceptive original adult pop music.

''We went into this to write music for fun,'' said Paul Bromwell, the group's guitarist and main songwriter. ''When we go out and play our tunes we are doing something decent, something good, something to enjoy. That's really the goal and it doesn't have to do with ultimate success. Who cares?''

Three years ago Bromwell hooked up with his old acquaintance Elaine Diehl to form the group. Ms. Diehl, 43, is better known as the frontwoman for Elaine and the Biscaynes, one of the city's favorite party and cover bands that's been together for 20 years.

Also joining the band was Ms. Diehl's husband, Jan, on bass and horns, a music teacher at Guardian Angels and the director and founder of the jazz ensemble at the College of Mount St. Joseph. Bromwell's longtime band mate Mark Tipton rounds out the group on drums.

(The Diehls also perform in the 14-piece classic big band Lee's Junction).

For Ms. Diehl, it was her first extensive experience in an original music band, as she was immediately hooked by Bromwell's incisive lyrics that spoke to an adult rock sensibility.

''A song like 'Heaven in Your Eyes' (the title cut from their first album) is basically about a long-term relationship, taking a second look at it, saying we've been through a lot, let's hang in there,'' Ms. Diehl said. ''You know immediately what he's talking about in tha t tune.''

''It's amazing that other people close to my age really comment on the lyrics,'' Bromwell said. ''I like that better than anything.''

Bromwell, 47, came back to music a few years ago after his fling in the '70s and '80s wit h Cincinnati hard rock bands. He was in the Young Invaders, a finalist in one of the first MTV ''Basement Tapes'' competitions for their song ''I Play It Cool,'' which first appeared on a WEBN album project. It was turned into a music video by WXIX-TV (Channel 19). Later the group had a regional hit with ''I Need Money.''

''It was a gas,'' Bromwell said about the MTV exposure. ''We did some showcases. But it was the same old story. We shopped the record and everybody was 'interested.' It was like 'bri ng us some more songs.' Same thing all bands go through.''

Finally Bromwell had the realization it was time to get on with ''life's work.''

''I played in bars from when I was 14 until I was 30. We always knew we wanted a record deal from Day One, and that sets you up for failure. We had this idea if we didn't do that, you are a failure. We didn't know what we'd do if we got there, of course. In the end I was so sick of that mentality, I stopped playing guitar for a few years. I just didn't want to do it.''

Bromwell went on to get a degree in computer science and is now the chief information officer with Cincinnati law firm Frost, Brown & Todd. His Young Invaders band mate Mark Tipton went to mortuary college and became a funeral director.

Finally Bromwell began writing songs again, playing them at open mike nights.

''The Young Invaders were a hard rock band and that's all I listened to. Then I started listening to country, classical, all kinds of popular (music), NPR. I just reset my whole world view.''

Most of all music became fun again.

''Having been in another field for 15 years you realize you are going to make a lot more money than in music. Money is not a good reason to be in the music business and never will be.''

But if the Bromwell-Diehl band plays its cards right, it just might make a couple bucks off the new disc full of well-crafted rock and pop-folk songs. Band members admit they are way past looking for any kind of label deal or some sort of budding-rock-star national tour. But they would like to get their songs published, perhaps selling them to other artists to record.

Meanwhile, the fortysomething rockers will be making music around town and of course working their day jobs and raising their kids. Bromwell says his two college-age kids have been bemused by his return to rock.

''They've never been particularly embarrassed by it,'' he said with a smile. ''They are mostly humored. They love the old pictures, dad in long hair.''

And there is some ironic parental satisfaction knowing the kids approve of mom's rock 'n' roll career. The Diehls have daughters, ages 10 and 6.

''My 6-year-old went to a slumber party a few weeks ago and she packed Britney Spears, 'N Sync and the Bromwell-Diehl Band,'' Ms. Diehl said with a gleam in her eye. ''I've never asked (if they like it), but I do hear our music coming from the upstairs occasionally.
- By Rick Bird, Post staff reporter

"Bromwell's mature songwriting shines in CD"

From heavy-metal guitar-slinger to sensitive, savvy singer-songwriter - that's the musical trip Paul Bromwell has taken over the last 20 years.

The Bromwell-Diehl Band has just released its debut CD ''Heaven in Your Eyes,'' featuring Bromwell's first-rate songwriting. The CD is one of the finest collections of adult pop material to come along in a while on the local level.

The BDB will be playing at 7:10 p.m. Saturday on the Budweiser Stage, Central Parkway off Main Street, at the Pepsi Jammin' on Main music festival.

Those looking for mature songwriting in a rock genre will find Bromwell's elegantly crafted songs a delight. His lyrics have just the right touch, mixing themes of cynicism and joy, set to tender, simple melodies.

Longtime Cincinnati rock fans will remember Bromwell for his work in the early '80s with the Young Invaders. The hard-rock band was a local staple that briefly received some MTV airplay in a video in connection with a WEBN album project.

''I got to the point I was fed up with the whole scene, going out making $150 a week,'' Bromwell said of his hard-rock days. ''I got jaded and quit music and went to school.''

Bromwell earned a computer-science degree and got on with ''life's work.''

A couple of years ago he picked up his guitar again and started writing. He found the songs came pouring out.

''I was always a real hard-rocker, playing metal guitars. Getting away from it for a while, I got into different music and broadened my horizons and changed my style,'' Bromwell said.

He credits such influences as Mary Chapin Carpenter for sensitizing him to the possibilities of mature songwriting themes. Bromwell felt many of his songs called for a female touch, so he hooked up with Elaine Diehl, best-known for her vocal work with local party/cover band Elaine and the Biscaynes. The band is rounded out by Ms. Diehl's husband Jan, on bass and sax, and drummer Mark Tipton.

''Elaine's been in the trenches for 20 years, so this was a great change of pace for her,'' Bromwell said.

''Our goal is just to do good music. We don't care if we get signed or any of that stuff. We're all in our 40s, and we just want to do something with quality.''

Bromwell says his favorite song on the disc is ''My Great Escape,'' about a 45-year-old friend who found himself divorced and starting life over.

''My friends are getting nervous because they've identified their situations in some of these songs,'' he said with a laugh.

The CD will be available at the band's Jammin' on Main set and at local record stores. Next appearance for the group is at Summerfair, June 5, at Coney Island.
- The Word by Rick Bird, Post music writer

"Bromwell-Diehl Band's "Memphis Limousine""

Click here for Bromwell-Diehl's official Web site

Cincinnati's Bromwell-Diehl Band is in high gear with their latest musical outing entitled "Memphis Limousine." It is the third CD from this great local band, which is made up of multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter Paul Bromwell, songwriter and singer extraordinaire Elaine Diehl; Jan Diehl covers bass, sax, and flute and Mark Tipton lays down the powerful groove on drums.

Through fifteen well crafted songs, the Bromwell Diehl Band cover the map with their delightful blend of rock to country with a helping of good old traditional folk. As Paul Bromwell puts it, "There are songs here about the usual topics; losing, loving, longing, living, last chances and growing old."

A wonderful showcase for the band's musical expertise, "Memphis Limousine" rolls through a tapestry of instrumentation including banjo, mandolin, sweet steel guitar, flute, dobro and hot driving sax solos.

The CD opens with a soul stirring title track, featuring a fifteen-piece horn section, which gives goose bumps and starts toes tapping. The CD title is a tip of the hat to the Elvis Aaron Presley legend whereby Elvis made his tours of the South in a 1955 Cadillac. Bromwell based the song from the perspective of the limo driver.

"Memphis Limousine" offers a satisfying mix of tender soul searching ballads like "The Here and Now," to the gutsy low down blues rock of "Pompadour Haircut."

With the solid following of fans the band has earned over the seven years of performing together and anyone new to their live shows can attest to the dynamic of their performance. From hard driving rock to personal moments of a heartfelt ballad, Elaine can weave a theatrical magic as she gestures and moves to the song while she sings it. Jan can take the evening shows to many musical places as he goes from bass to soprano sax and to the flute; In addition, he has been known to electrify a room with a T.N.T bass solo. Paul's singing and guitar work is a joy to listen to and the harmony between himself and Elaine blend a texture that sounds as if it was always meant tot be that way. The solid groove, tasteful rhythms and backing vocals of Mark round out the band's performance.

Over the last three years, with patience and a never-give-up spirit, the band has overcome many obstacles to turn "Memphis Limousine" into a reality. The Bromwell-Diehl Band has produced a truly fine CD that is a top shelfer for anyone's music collection.
- Doug Perry - Blue Chip Review


Heaven in Yours Eyes CD - Released 1999. Cuts from this CD have been played regularly since the CD was released.

Through My Eyes CD - Released 2001. Adelia is Dead and Through My Eyes have been featured on local radio.

Memphis Limousine CD - Our 2004 release. Memphis Limousine features a 14 piece horn section and gotten a lot of local play in Cincinnati.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Bromwell-Diehl got together in 1997 as a lark. Our focus was to just write and perform great music and forget about the business. Since then we have produced three CDs that have sold well locally and we have had a fantastic time with our music and fans. Our music has been described as Pop music for adults. We really do a combination of folk, pop and rock. Our latest CD, Memphis Limousine, features the Lee's Junction Big Band. Come and see us!!!!

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