The Bromwell - Diehl Band

The Bromwell - Diehl Band

 Newport, Kentucky, USA

If you like original songs filled with stories and characters that touch your heart, come out and see The Bromwell Diehl Band.


Bromwell-Diehl got together in 1997 as a lark. Our focus was to just write and perform great music and forget about the business. Since then we have produced three CDs that have sold well locally and we have had a fantastic time with our music and fans. Our music has been described as Pop music for adults. We really do a combination of folk, pop and rock. Our latest CD, Memphis Limousine, features the Lee's Junction Big Band. Come and see us!!!!


Memphis Limousine

Written By: Paul Bromwell

In my Memphis Limousine
Elvis had moves you never seen
we'd go cruising after dark
with scottie and bill and an old guitar
you could hear those women scream
making that rockabilly scene
we were riding along in my memphis limousine

i was born a country boy just outside memphis
brought up on blues mixed with that country style
i had a caddy lined with chrome that shocked the senses
the pride of detroit, 1955

Now we hit the road that spring to head for texas
and everywhere elvis shook his knees he drew a crowd
but when he left the stage no one could find us
cause we were already shaking out of town

now the king said boy better keep that engine running
he said man those texas boys can sure get mean
now understand that i don't aim to get done in
cause some little texas girl takes a shine to me

Copyright © 2004 Emily's Music

The Here and Now

Written By: Paul Bromwell

Don’t go talkin bout tomorrow
When I need you here tonight
Don’t go livin like forever
You’re gonna still be here by my side

Don’t go thinkin bout the future
And say you’ll never let me down
Why not move a little closer
I’m needin you in the here and now

When I was young I did 8 to 5
Workin hard to stay alive
And every day man the time did fly
As I earned that livin wage

And now sometimes its eight to eight
And you and me and the kids must wait
Savin up for some future date
It’s a heavy price we pay

You know we’re all runnin out of time
Just so long that we’re in our prime
It’s not clear where to draw the line
In this confusing day and age

Where’d we get this notion from
A good life is lived on the run
we should be together and havin fun
and that’s why you hear me say

so pick your drink up lets have a toast
to the one’s who give the most
cause it’s for sure you’ll never hear them boast
of the progress that they’ve made

It doesn’t matter what you say
it’s only what you’ve done today
give love and friendship along the way
and let the future come what may

Copyright © 2004 Emily's Music

Adelia is Dead

Written By: Paul Bromwell

when adelia was a young girl of 14 she gave in to temptation
and a 6 baby boy was all she had to show for the sensation
her daddy took them in his home but he laid down the law
and then late one moonless night, adelia was gone

and they said yeah
adelia is dead (and don't come back)

when adelia was 25 she met a man who showed her some affection
he was mixed up in the drug trade and he carried a 45 for their protection
they shot him at the front door of their run-down two room shack
and they burned the place down to the ground as adelia slipped out the back

and they said yeah
adelia is dead (she had it comin')

after 20 years out on the streets, adelia started thinking 'bout redemption
she said lord soon i'm comin' home do you have a place for one with my afflictions

she saw that young boy in the road and that truck was bearin down
she threw her body in the way and it knocked her to the ground
they pulled the cryin baby boy from her broken arms
they said someone call a doctor now, but adelia was gone

and the good lord smiled

Copyright © 2001 Emily's Music


Heaven in Yours Eyes CD - Released 1999. Cuts from this CD have been played regularly since the CD was released.

Through My Eyes CD - Released 2001. Adelia is Dead and Through My Eyes have been featured on local radio.

Memphis Limousine CD - Our 2004 release. Memphis Limousine features a 14 piece horn section and gotten a lot of local play in Cincinnati.

Set List

We typically play one or two hour concert sets. Here is a typical set.

Heaven in Your Eyes
Month of Sundays
The Promised Land
Dancing for Renoir
Adelia is Dead
The Sky is Falling
When You Hurt Someone
Down the Road From Paradise
Struck By Lightning
Mary's Arms
Memhis Limousine