The Bronze

The Bronze


Assembled from ex-members of NYC bands Amazing Device and superjuice, The Bronze are straight up rock and roll with a twist. Mix equal parts Jeff Buckley, Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden, and a splash of the strongest melodic hooks you can find, and you've got a recipe that can't be denied.


Rising above the monotonous muck of hyper-stylized, snarky New York bands, The Bronze sport eclectic, innovative arrangements and a robust, emotional sound that's equal parts Jeff Buckley, Coldplay, Led Zeppelin and early 90s rock. All the more impressive, this no-BS band makes its powerful mark with only two men in its lineup: Andy DiSimone (formerly of superjuice) on lead vocals, guitar, keyboard and drums and Josh Chapman (an alum of Amazing Device) on guitar, bass and vocals.

The duo, who recorded their first EP entitled "Saturday" as part of a foursome in early 2004, have since redefined and refocused their sound, creating a new musical voice that rivals that of most contemporary major label rock ensembles. They're currently self-producing a follow-up EP in their East Williamsburg studio and playing select shows around Manhattan.

Keep your eyes out for The Bronze; these guys are ready to take the gold.


-Fragile Minds (Single - 2005) - currently streaming on
-To a Friend (Single - 2005) - currently streaming on
-Saturday (Single - 2004) - currently streaming on
-Saturday (EP - 2004)

Set List

It's a 45-60 minute set list, typically 9-11 songs.