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The Bronze Episode got their start much like any band, 3 friends
playing music together as teens. But instead of choosing to ape Led
Zeppelin and Nirvana, they dedicated themselves to learn all they could
about music and train in all types of instrumentation such as strings,
keys, and programming. What developed was the fleshing out an amazing
and original design of music. The mixture of classical strings and
pianos with drum and bass, and added layers of gorgeous, subtle
programming makes for a mesmerizing, almost, out of body experience.
They have debuted with a 4 song concept EP, Son Coeur Son Corps, that's
utterly amazing, and ultimately unfulfilling, if only for the lack of
material after track four closes. I'll take a full length or two from
these guys with my coffee please.

The Bronze Episode is a group of five guys from Jersey who happen to create complex indie rock.

Their song, "A Letter That Read...", from their EP Son Coeur Son Corps,
is an earful of over lapping sounds that include violins, keyboards and
digital beats. Meanwhile, the lead singer's excellent voice carries
easily over emotionally charged lyrics like:

"Ink has never been this honest. It was as if he had slit his
wrists and the words were bleeding out."

This is no bubble gum pop EP. This is intense and beautiful indie rock.
Head to their site where the band nicley provides you with a link to
listen to their tunes.

New Jersey's THE BRONZE EPISODE aren't really playing by everyone's
else rules, something evident with "The Body". It's almost like Brandon Flowers going in a prog rock direction. Orchestrated, strained, yet
having this drum-n-bass sound bed going on, it stands out to me. Very
early days on this band, not many shows under the belt, but a sound of it's own. Needs: Management, legal, booking.

Information on the Bronze Episode is slight at best. As far as I know,
these are their members : K.C. Jolliffe-guitar/vocals Steve
Colon-electronic drums Bruno Cardenas-bass guitar Scarlett Jones-cello Violet Walder-viola Audrey Scoma-violin. They site that
crazy video below as an influence.

They live in Northern New Jersey. That's about all I know.

But aside from that, this is probably one of the more radio-ready
sounding songs I've posting in quite some time. Well, radio-ready might be a stretch -- it's mostly the lead singer's voice, which definitely
sounds like it's been through a major label regimen. I love how the
music starts in the background, shoots to the foreground, and then is slammed back again. It doesn't sound like much I've heard -- what with the violins, the digital beats, and the dude's soaring vocals about tying a girl to a bed and cutting out chunks of flesh and whatnot.

This type of song usually flies right past us on its way up. I think it
almost appeals to a slightly different circle than ours, but I like it quite a bit.


Band Name: The Bronze Episode
Album Name: Son Coeur Son Corps EP
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer Name: Michael Austerlitz
Review Date: February 6, 2006

I hate to flaunt my New Jersey Pride, but I must. The Bronze Episode
hails from Hawthorne, NJ, not too far from where I live, and home to
some people I am friends with. Needless to say, when I heard this
fascinating 4 song EP I was thrilled that people are making music like
this in my homestate.

The disc starts off with the song ?The Body?, full of cello, viola,
violin and all the core instruments (bass, guitar, etc). The vocals
sound very bittersweet and mix perfectly with the above instruments.
Overall, the rest of the EP is pure bliss.

The Bronze Episode may or may not be looking to hit it big. However, it
doesn?t matter because as long as they keep making music like this,
they?re bound to keep making their listeners happy.



Commonplace EP. 2007
1.My Bottom Lip
3.Just Let Me Know
4.Some Eternity
5.South on 208

Drowning/Freezing/Burning EP. 2007
1.Missing 73' Cutlass Supreme
2.Floor of the Atlantic
3.Burning to the Filter
4.Wreckless Love

Son Coeur Son Corps EP. 2006
1.The Body
2. A Letter That Read
3. Poisoned Autumn
4. The Hudson



The Bronze Episode started as three friends from high school playing music together in different garages and basements. With time came experience, and they found their niche as KC started experimenting with programming and sequencing. Finally, the collective band reached a place they wanted to be. Hence, the Bronze Episode was formed. After months of rehearsing what KC had programmed, the band spent a week in the studio and brought friends in to play the string parts, turning the digital samples into reality. The combination of classical string and piano composition with drum and bass rhythm create a gorgeous, layered sound not prevalent in today's music.
       The debut of the band's four-song concept EP shows that they have accomplished their aim to create a specific sound that attracts any music enthusiast. The end of each song leaves the listener wanting to know the next chapter in the story.