The Bronze Episode

The Bronze Episode


The Bronze Episode is a mixture of classical strings and pianos with drum and bass, added layers of subtle programming and guitars. The result is a unique combination of complex indie-rock blended with the classical sensibilities of Baroque Pop.


The Bronze Episode started as three friends from high school playing music together in different garages and basements. With time came experience, and they found their niche as KC started experimenting with programming and sequencing. Finally, the collective band reached a place they wanted to be. Hence, the Bronze Episode was formed. After months of rehearsing what KC had programmed, the band spent a week in the studio and brought friends in to play the string parts, turning the digital samples into reality. The combination of classical string and piano composition with drum and bass rhythm create a gorgeous, layered sound not prevalent in today's music.
       The debut of the band's four-song concept EP shows that they have accomplished their aim to create a specific sound that attracts any music enthusiast. The end of each song leaves the listener wanting to know the next chapter in the story.


The Body

Written By: K.C. Jolliffe

He wears a branded breastplate
With her name on display
Burnt in on the day his torso left
Its hollowed state
And his stomach was relieved of its paralyzing pains.
After relentless reminding
That his insides were dead and done dying,

She replied with a sigh then tied his wrists to the bedpost.
She said, “Baby briefly stay still, please try to keep your eyelids closed”.

(He shut his eyes; he descended into a surreal state visualizing hearts drowning in untainted blood filling chambers and draining.)

He recalled, “I then woke
to find you above me.
If my memory recollects correctly
You never have looked so lovely.

Then the steel suddenly sliced stripping the skin
From my stomach to my chest,
And you removed the rotted organs
And placed them next to my excess flesh”.

(He fainted and imagined pure April air passing through his epiglottis into the trachea continuing down through his vocal cords reaching the bronchi in his lungs and watching the spongy elastic tissue expand and deflate.)

Then while hastily racing the replacing
branding his breastplate
and stitching up his skin
He realized
This whole time
The cure was
The blue arteried heart she held within.

So he roused to scream to the sky,
“My body, its budding
Our flaming sphere, our star so near, you warm the air I breathe,
It helps her vitals abruptly adapt and function in me”.

A Letter That Read

Written By: K.C. Jolliffe

Then she told him,
“With your pointer slid
between my pinkie and my ring
we fit together.
We are not complete without each other”.

He replied,
“When our warm flesh
is pressed, touching skin from our hips to our chests,
we fit together.
You are right princess we conclude one another”.

(She alleviated the stomach pain
that the doctors could not explain)
He thought,
Just maybe,
the forth anniversary of these annual emotions
would not ensue if this level of bliss were sustained.

He proclaimed,

“We survive off the same internal parts,
We beat off the same blue, arteried, truthful heart”.
She replied,
“It is out of the same veins we bleed,
I am the first half of the whole you complete”.

She said,
“You make me feel like we control the night sky
and we assign the time the sun will rise”.

When she said this they realized
July’s sun was now hiding
And the August moon was currently rising

So, they prepared for their slumber
Declared their love in whispers
as they huddled closely in his bed.

Her hazel eyes slowly shut,
but his whispers would not stop
So he wrote her a letter that read:

The ones we are compiling
The ones we are creating
I cannot envision producing more appeasing memories
with anyone.
(Ink had never been this honest,
it was as if he had slit his wrist
and the words were bleeding out.)

Poisoned Autumn

Written By: K.C. Jolliffe

(A frozen October draft woke him.
He closed the window, squeezed back into a single bed
next to the princess and crooned beneath his breath.)

My dear, through these cold months
I will starve.
I will lose our stomach,
Our lungs,
And our heart,
But you my dear you’re my seed
You have planted new insides inside of me.

And come this spring, if you are still within
New insides will grow that are free of poison.

Because the spring will save us from
This poisoned autumn.

As the leaves colors change
As her passion fades
His vitals start their decay
These empty emotions engage in eating him from the inside.
They start their battle on his stomach
And it does not even put up a fight.
Oh, I guess that is why I lost my appetite.

They believed that the spring would save them from
That poisoned autumn,

But he would then dream that when he’s awoken,
When he would seize to sleep,
His lungs lack inflation,
And he cannot breathe,
And her hearts
But beats
So he would speak in his sleep,
But it beats for me.
Please tell me it beats for me.


Commonplace EP. 2007
1.My Bottom Lip
3.Just Let Me Know
4.Some Eternity
5.South on 208

Drowning/Freezing/Burning EP. 2007
1.Missing 73' Cutlass Supreme
2.Floor of the Atlantic
3.Burning to the Filter
4.Wreckless Love

Son Coeur Son Corps EP. 2006
1.The Body
2. A Letter That Read
3. Poisoned Autumn
4. The Hudson

Set List

The Body
A Letter That Read
Poisoned Autumn
The Hudson
Wreckless Love
My Bottom Lip
Some Eternity
South on 208
Just Let Me Know

Our set is usually six to seven songs, but we
can run anywhere from 25 - 45 minutes.